About FARIS Team

F A R I S is the website focused to help Indian people in buying the best washing machines for their needs. It is managed by a team of passionate bloggers and professionals washing machine technicians who test and compile the list of best washing machines in different price ranges and for different types of needs.

Whether you’re looking for a washing machine within a specific budget or for any particular task, our well-researched and constantly updated washing machines buying guides will direct you in the right direction and help you to make an informed purchase of your next washing machine.

How We Pick the washing machines?

Each and every washing machine listed in our washing machine buying guides have to pass through a long list of our quality checking guidelines. The washing machines suggested to you undergo a host of spin speed and noise tests, performance and build quality, number of washing programs, latest technologies, and other essential tests.

Apart from these tests, we make sure that all the washing machines suggested on our website come from trustworthy manufacturers, and you get at least 1 year of warranty with it.

We update our washing machine buying guides regularly, so all buying guides here at F A R I S are up to date with the latest models.

From Where to Buy Products?

To save your time and simplify your buying experience, we provide links to the best washing machines deals in our buying guides by comparing the prices of each model on the manufacturer’s website and other leading shopping websites such as Amazon. You can purchase from our recommended retailer, or you can do your own homework and find the best deal for you.

Need Personal Assistance to Buy Products?

If you are a non-technical person, then it could be very difficult for you to find the best washing machine for yourself. Rest easy, because we are here to help you with that. You can send all your washing machine-related questions, requirements and budget to us through contact us page and our team will assist you to find the best one for yourself.

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