Top 10 Best Fully Automatic Washing Machines in Saudi Arabia 2021

Best Fully Automatic Washing Machines in inidaHow much time do you spend doing your laundry? Almost two hours of the exhausting task with no break. The washing machine has allowed you to get the cleaning and drying done within minutes without giving much attention to the process.

Your tasks are just to put the laundry into the machine and set the instructions. The washing machine will clean the clothes and dry them up. Now, you will spend no time getting the clothes out from the washtub and putting them on a drying line. So, do you have any plans about purchasing a new fully automatic washing machine? If yes, then you get here two choices.

  1. Front loading washing machines
  2. Top loading washing machines

The Top-loading Washing Machine does the same job, takes a load from the top, and is generally less expensive than the front loader. At the same time, the front-loader washing machine takes loads from the front and generally is expensive. You get extra features in Front-loading as you spend some extra bucks in having them.

The Front-Loading Washing Machines are the new trend, and they are constantly hitting the market with great sales. I have been witnessing the trend since 2007, and until now, the top-loaders cannot compete with them. They usually cost 10,000 more than the top-loading, with some extra advanced features.

In Saudi Arabia, almost two dozen brands are competing for the neck to neck. It is a really tough job to opt for a product of a particular brand finally. I saw LG, Samsung, Haier, and Bosch washing machines with different sizes, colors, and ranges. I have seen the brands introducing new products every other week. It has almost become impossible for a novice to finally decide what falls right on his/her criteria of needs.

Before purchasing a fully automatic washing machine, there are some aspects one must look for. Like, it is a long-time investment, and you cannot afford an old-fashioned washing machine with limited features and functions. You must see the cleaning tubs, washing programs, built-in inverter technology, built-in heater, in-built sing, and prey wash functions. The fuzzy logic option should be there; the quick wash program can add the cherry on the cake. Do not freak out. Let’s have a detailed guide of the best fully automatic washing machines in Saudi Arabia.

Best Fully Automatic Washing Machines in KSA

Here are my top rated fully automatic machines available here in Saudi Arabia in2021;

1. Samsung 13 kg Fully-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

Samsung 6.2 - best automatic washing machine in indiaSamsung is a famed name in producing budget electronics products. I have seen its product wreaking havoc in Asian markets, especially in Saudi Arabia. The brand has worldwide recognition in tech and home appliances products. They are reliable, a great replica of money and mid-ranges.

The Samsung 13 kg washing machine can offer you super delicate washing programs due to its soft curl design with smaller diamond-shaped holes. The smaller diamond holes cause less abrasion and give a gentle but effective washing in the end.

Here you see cutting-edge water splashing technique, which allows the water to thoroughly roam around in the tub and mix all the detergent. This washing machine comes with 700RPM spinning, which is perfect for drying your clothes in minutes.

Samsung fully automatic machine equipped with stainless steel and ensure powerful washing performance. It comes with 6 blades that rinse the clothes thoroughly due to the scratch resistance features. The Magic filter, or what you call a lint filter, can make you not worry about the remaining fibers. These fibers can be stuck into the pipes and other places to halt the overall process of washing. Here you see the machine itself is collecting them, and once you are done with washing, get it out and clean this up as well.

Samsung introduced the Turbo Drying system; here, you see a glimpse of the system to at full extent. This boosts the overall drying process and effectively reduces the moisture from the laundry that can be ironed without spreading them on the drying line. The Eco-clean tub got an impressive mechanism to wash the clothes even you would not need any harsh detergents. Just get your normal detergent, put them into the washtub and get it done without much worrying.

This machine has given another notable feature: most of the leading washing machines lack tempered glass. The tempered glass lasts for a lifetime, scratchproof, and you can see through this tempered glass. The Child lock control panel gives you peace of mind, as you never know when your toddler gets to indulge in the washing processes and gets hurt.

2. Bosch 9 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Bosch 7 kg - best fully automatic front loading washing machine in indiaIn Saudi Arabia, we might have heard the name or not been using products manufactured by the brand, but outside Saudi Arabia, this is an established brand. This has earned a great reputation for producing quality home appliances.

The Bosch 9 kg front-loading washing machine is an excellent replica of your hard-earned money. The capacity of the washing machine is 9KG enough for a small family. The excellent build quality, the advanced rinsing and washing feature, inbuilt inverter have given great importance to the product in the washing machine world.

The spin tub comes with 12rpm speed to wash and dry the clothes as faster as possible. The machine’s fuzzy logic will make you awestruck. You can know to get the idea of the load you popped in to it, and if you have gone beyond the limits, it will let you know to put off some laundry.

This is an Anti-vibration sidewall washing machine; you get no irritating noise around. The washing machine comes with 12 wash programs. You see a separate program for kidswear, quick wash, delicate washing, wool, jeans, and hard stained clothes. If you look at the ratings, you see the machine has managed to get a good rating overall. This depicts its overall quality, durability, and functionality.

The washing tub has been manufactured and designed to cater to your hard-stained clothes needs. You will get rid of all types of hard, oily, flimsy stains as faster as possible. The manufacturer backs the machine with two years components overall warranty and 10 years motor warranty.

3. Samsung 16 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Samsung 6 kg - fully automatic washing machine under 20000Samsung products are the best in the market. Either you see its mobile phones, Refrigerator, Air conditions, and washing machine. They are durable, advanced, and full of dozens of state-of-the-art technology. I have never seen this level of consideration in any product. They take care of the look, features, durability, and price.

The Samsung 16KG front loading washing machine comes with a 1000 rpm speed, good speed with the capacity. The diamond-shaped stainless steel drums have really given a nice boost to them. The diamond-shaped holes are 43 percent smaller diamond holes that make sure a clean-rinsing and care of the clothes.

The quick wash program offered by Samsung can make you get the quickest wash within 15-30 minutes. You will get the clothes washed and dried within this timeframe. The Diamond-shaped edges got great potential for the washing and drying process.

You see digital inverter technology motor for efficient energy consumption. You save energy and water and get only the needed amount of power. The machine is vibration proof, would not disturb you from the noise production even at the highest speed.

This is an in-built voltage controller fully automatic washing machine, would carry out washing even at the low voltage. The voltage controller feature can control 25% voltage deviation, a superb feature.

4. Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing MachineDo you want to have a fully automatic top loading washing machine with exceptional performance and build? You cannot overlook Bosch products in the washing machines department. This brand has offered great value to the money for the users and meets the washing needs.

The machine’s washing mechanism is super-functional. Its two-directional wave system creates strong waves and the washing drums and teases the hardest stains from the core. The dynamic wave system called PowerWave is proved to keep your favorite laundry safe without stretching and tearing.

The 6.5 kg capacity of the washing machine comes at the maximum spinning speed of 680 rpm. The speed is slower than most of the enlisted but offers superb exceptional washing power.

The machine features dozens of wash programs and comes with a fully programmed selection. You will not manually choose the washing program; the machine itself chooses the wash programs according to the load with just one push button. You just sit back and relax, do other different household tasks.

The machine features the usage of dual dispensers. You can have the liquid detergent as well as powder detergent. The lint collector, aka Magic Filter, effectively gathers the remaining fibers and other dust particles not to mix with another laundry.

The Bosch front runner also entertains you with low water consumption. In low water-producing areas, you can have the machine working with the low water as 0.3 bars. The washing machine also features a power of memory features, aka memory function. This works when the power cut happens, and you get your washing halted. The memory functions remember the stage of your washing clothes and work as required.

The Bosch 6.5 KG washing machine comes in six different colors; you chose the desired color per your home ambiance. The soft shutting lid protects your hands from a sudden fall. The toughest glass covers the lid and withstands pressure and weight.

5. LG 16 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

LG 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing MachineLG is a big brand not only in Saudi but all over the world. The brand has a great after-sales network in Saudi Arabia. Here you see people preferring LG washing machines due to their best after-sale services. Mostly, it has been witnessed that LG products are ideal for Saudi ambiances and durable as well.

The LG 6.2 kg washing machine has a great build quality and is made of sturdy material. It is a compact-sized washing machine and does not take lots of weight. The simplest design and use make it the ideal choice for most of the population living in Saudi Arabia.

The design is a great white and grey color combination as per the expectations levels. You see dozens of wash programs to customize the wash experience, switch to any of the listed wash programs and get the job carried out.

The washing machine comes with a smart diagnosis. You can install an application and make calls to the LG service center if you see any damage to the machine or have a problem using any of the listed features. The diagnosis service is very fast, and you see the top rating of the LG products just because of the top services.

The machine features punch three wash programs. This program creates lots of water storms in the vertical and horizontal sides to mix and dissolve the detergents within moments. The machine can wash the toughest stains using the TurboDrum system that rotates the water currently in the washing machine.

The smartest inverter indulges into the machine saves up to 30% of the energy with 10 years of motor protection. The machine has wash programmed such as wool, jeans, delicate, curtains and much more. The fuzzy logic automatically selects the appropriate wash program within integrate d programs. Auto-restart programs will restart the cycle automatically after the power cut. The child lock feature prevents your kids from changing the settings of the washing and alarms if someone tries to change.

6. BPL 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

BPL 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing MachineBPL is one of the most reputed local brands working in Saudi Arabia. Local companies manufacture them, so they know the conditions here in Saudi Arabia. The machine comes equipped with the ideal Saudi conditions, such as dealing with salty water and low water pressure with power cuts.

The machine comes with 750 rpm speed and has the capacity of 6.2 to take loads. The top-loading washing machine is backed by one year’s product and motor warranty. The inner drum is made of stainless steel, offers a longer life span than the other local brands, and ideal for Saudi conditions.

The BPL 6.2 kg washing machine houses a user-friendly digital interface to allow easy operations for the appliance. You get ten different wash programs, and it is easy to use any of them as per your need.

You can choose your appropriate program to get a customized wash from one to ten wash programs. The machine comes equipped with the automatic sensing of laundry weight. And raise the alarm bell if the weight is beyond the reach of handling.

The BPL top-loading washing machine comes with a different dryer. You see, the big brand’s dryer just not fills the bills in Saudi conditions, and we have to put them on drying lines. Here you will have completely dry clothes, can iron directly from the washing.

7. Godrej 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Godrej 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing MachineGodrej is a novice brand in the washing machine world compare to other enlisted. Just because they are new, we should not overlook them. Just have a birds-eye-view of the features and specifications before making a final call.

The Godrej 6.2kg machine offers two-way washing functions, unlike most washing machines. It comes with revolutionary 4 technology that provides four-way action against dirt.

The first wash rotates all the popped in the laundry and dissolves all detergent. One can have the liquid and dry detergents as per your preference. The second wash will reach the deepest fiber of the clothes and teases the hardest stains. The third wash will offer to rinse, and the fourth wash will give you shining clothes.

This machine also features a new wash function; if the water stop coming into the washtub, it just raises the alarms and lets you know to check the water filling. The perfect microcomputer controls all operations and ensures a perfect wash thoroughly. The fuzzy logic function can let you know the water level, wash cycles, and wash load simultaneously. You can have close eyes on the wash programs to check all washing cycles.

The Godrej Fully Automatic washing machine comes with an auto-restart and memory backup feature. This feature will automatically restart if the power cuts break the washing cycles. It takes the washing from that particular cycle and continues further as per the command. The machine features three wash programs with three water levels and 700 rpm spinning. The additional soak selector programs let you decide the time of soak according to the laundry type.

8. IFB 8 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

IFB 8 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing MachineIFB is a household name in Saudi Arabia owing to its sturdy-built washing machines. This brand is the pioneer of front-loading washing machines, and you see this feature oozing in the mentioned Senator Aqua Six.

This was the brand introduced fully automatic front load washing machine in Saudi Arabia with excellent washing features. You see, the machine caters to the needs of the washing as per the Saudi audience.

Here in IFB 8 kg washing machine, you get 3D technology along with the bubble wash feature. The bubble produces by the machine goes within the laundry and teases the hardest stains. The 3D technology will roam the fibers thoroughly in the washing tub to rinse to the fullest extent.

The Washing machine comes with a 1400 rpm Speed; the higher the spinning speed, the faster the drying and washing done. You see a crescent moon drum; this drum helps wash the delicate, expensive dresses without any damage danger. The fibers sometimes tangled into the washing drum, stretched the moon-shaped grooves cushions, and prevented rubbing against the steel wall to save them from any damage.

IFB front loading 8 KG washing machine features an in-built water filter to dissolve the detergents better, leaving the clothes fresh and hygienic. IFB also offered a unique solution to save the detergents. They come up with a ball valve technology that prevents the detergents from draining. So, you save the detergent and get better use of it.

The IFB washing machine comes with 10 wash programs for different 1000’s types of washing and rinsing. You even get the delay time functions that allow you to get your clothes washed per your needs. This allows you to get 24-hours delay washed with voltage protections.

9 Haier 5.8 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Haier 5.8 - cheap fully automatic washing machineDo not you want to spend a whopping amount of money on purchasing a washing machine? You can have a Haier 5.8 KG fully-automatic washing machine, to fulfill your washing necessities. The machine showcases some mind-blowing advanced features without adding an extra price range.

Haier 5.8 fully automatic washing machine comes with a spin tub 700RPM; the higher the spin cycle, the faster the drying process is done. The machine comes up with delicate process features just to take care of the expensive clothes. You see lesser friction or tangling due to its smaller holes in the bottom.

The Haier front runner comes with Quadra Flow Pulsator; this Pulsator makes sure the thorough distribution of the detergent in the washtub. You can set up the wash cycle for the next 24 hours. If you do not have time to go through the washing process, use the set delay feature and get the job done even if you are not at home.

The Fuzzy Logical control feature of the machine will make sure not to take the extra load. A load higher than the mentioned would cost you damage to the machine. The Multi-segment digital display shows the updates regarding your washing cycles. It also adds a memory function to save the recent settings for the future. You do not need to memorize the rinsing cycle, settings, etc. Just get the right use of the memory function and let it rolled when needed. The power consumption is low; it costs 325 Watts.

10. IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing MachineIFB is one of the acknowledged names in the washing machine in Saudi Arabia. The machine comes with a 6.5 kg capacity; the triadic Pulsator cleaning system is very hard on stains and offers gentle wash capabilities.

The machine houses an Aqua therapy system that removes the hardest stains on the heavily soiled clothes with one treatment. The machine features 720 rpm speed with an aqua energy feature that energizes the water and helps detergent go deep inside the clothes to remove the hidden stains.

The machine comes with a trade Pulsator with three extra features. The first is soft scrub pads that gently scrub the toughest dirt, the second is Sirl jects that remove the stains from the corner using the powerful water jets, and the third is center punch, which ignites the gentle mechanical actions to squeeze the clothes to a perfect wash.

The 3D Wash system enables the machine to circulate the water through the machine in the drum and completely dissolve every inch of the detergents. This comes with six wash programs; to give you a customized wash experience. You get the desired washing programs such as jeans, delicate clothes, curtains, bedsheets, etc.

The machine also comes with four years of motor warranty and one year’s overall components warranty feature. The machine equips with smart sensors. The sensors calculate and let you know the total weight.

Automatic Washing Machine Buying Guide

Purchasing a washing machine needs serious considerations and deep research. Due to the overwhelming numbers of brands, it has become a little tricky. This worthwhile investment needs some serious concerns. You cannot just go and pick one brand and come home back. You will spend a good chunk of your money, so it should cater to your household washing needs. There are some serious factors that one should consider before coming to the final decision.

There are dozens of brands and hundreds of washing machine types that differ in load, functions, tank capacity, and technology. Some offer a quick wash feature; some come with inverter technology. You should come to the final decision after reading reviews, checking specifications, and beholding ratings. These are some aspects you must take into account before placing an order.

In Fully automatic washing machines, we see two different types

  1. Top loading
  2. Frontloading

Top loading washing machines

The top-loading washing machine known as the agitator is high efficiency producing model. They are the best model to deal with the bulk of loads. As the name suggests, the clothes are loaded from the Top, and the tub is placed vertically. They use more water compared to the front loading, and they come with smart options such as Auto-off, fast spinning, and such.

Front loading washing machines

The front-loading washing machines usually cost us arms and legs. They are gentler on delicate fibers and automatically kick start washing after taking the load ones. They also come with various advanced features such as hot water wash, child lock, and variable spin.

As the name suggests, the machine takes a load from the front and is the tub is placed sideways. They are directly connected to the water connections and take water as per their needs and requirements. They usually consume less amount of water compare to the top-loading.

Tank size

This is one of the most important factors in choosing the right washing machine. The tank capacity determines the total weight the machine will operate. The machine usually ranges from 5-10KG per washing cycle. If you are a big family of 5-6 members, you must opt for an 8KG tank capacity washing machine. For a single or 2-3 members’ family, the 6KG tank capacity washing machine can fit the bills.

Washing programs

The washing machines that we use to see these days come with various washing programs. You see three basic wash programs in most washing machines, Delicate, Normal, and High. You can use the wash programs as per the type of clothes. In some washing machines, you see more than 10 washing programs. These machines feature different wash programs for different clothing types, such as Wool, jeans, delicate, curtains, and silk.

You need to see the types of laundry you use to deal with. And finally, choose the washing machine with the features required. Do not fall for the unnecessary features or functions that you do not use.

Hard water

Hard and salty water is the biggest issue what most of the regions face. The hard water does not allow the detergent to dissolve in the water. Thus you cannot carry out the washing process with that.

The latest Aqua Energy Technology has enabled the washing machine manufacturers to get the right use of this into washing machines. This allows the hard water particle to dissolve the detergent due to some biological process. We have been watching this in a water purifying system; this has now been integrated into the washing machine.

You will have smooth laundry washing despite having hard water problems in the region. If you live in the hard or salty water region, having this feature is imperative for you.

Fuzzy Logic feature

Fuzzy logic is one of the finest features to have in a fully automatic washing machine. These features ensure the automatic diagnosis of the washing type, cycle, and much more. If you are not accustomed to the fully automatic washing machine’s control panel, then this would be a nice option to start with. This automatically starts the best washing programs depending upon the load quantity. This detects the load and ignites the washing function.

Hot water

Yes, this feature is much more important for cold conditions. You see, in winter, we just cannot get over the coldness. It becomes doubly difficult to deal with water and stuff in the cold weather. Hot water features enable the machine to get the right use of the built-in heater and provide hot water.

Energy efficient

It has not been so long when the energy-efficient washing machine hit the market. This machine saves your energy and lowers the bill charges. If you want to have something especially energy-efficient, you must look for this feature is a fully automatic washing machine. These machines cost some bucks more than normal, but in the future, you enjoy this feature.

Built-in Inverter

The inverting technology has given a new boost to washing machines and electronics appliances. If you ensure this feature in your product, your product will be less likely to burn out due to voltage fluctuations. We see the electronics products are very sensitive to voltage, and sometimes, for the expensive electronics appliance,s we do purchase a dedicated inverter. This feature will help to flow the right voltage along with saving energy.

Spin Cycle or RPM

The spin cycle is one of the most important features to look for in fully automatic machines. This helps dry the clothes; the higher the spin cycles per minute, the faster drying will be done. The RPM is measured as the revolution per minute; normally, we get a fully automatic washing machine featuring at least 800 rpm.


  • Best wash quality
  • Use less energy
  • Use less water
  • Light in weight
  • Automatically restart after a power cut
  • Environment-friendly
  • Automatic controls
  • It comes with various wash programs
  • Quick wash feature washes clothes within minutes
  • Produces hot water to cater to your needs
  • Integrated with the right technology to deal with hard water
  • Child lock feature
  • Innovative drum technology


  • Expensive
  • Difficult to operate
  • It takes time to wash
  • Lots of waste to the detergents
  • Needs permanent water connectivity

Q: How does a fully automatic washing machine work?

Ans: In fully automatic machines, there is very little to control manually. You are just required there to put the clothes into the washtub, and that’s it.

When you turn the machine on, it needed a constant water connection. You just connect the water inlet to the machine and let it be. The machine will collect the water as per the required level. Once the required water level is achieved, you need to put the clothes on and put the detergent or conditioner on. It will take time to wash the clothes thoroughly; you can switch to any of the wash programs if needed. Or the machine automatically detects the washing cycle and operates as per the required cycle.

When it finishes with the washing, it switches with the drying. You have nothing to do with the spinning or drying; it automatically does this.

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Q: A semi-automatic or fully automatic washing machine. Which one is better?

Ans: The semi-automatic machine needs manual operation mostly. They need you to switch to the desired wash programs. They come with a limited range of wash programs and features. They are energy efficient, and most of the time, we see the features over-cross fully automatic washing machines.

In fully automatic washing machines, we do not have to do anything manually. Just put the clothes in the tub, and that’s it. They automatically detect the quantity of the laundry and switch to the wash programs as per the laundry type. You can command over the automatic machine to switch to particular washing programs according to your clothes type.

When we compare both, in my opinion, the fully automatic washing machine is better. You do very little manually, and the wash quality we usually see up to the impressive marks. By the way, it depends upon individual requirements; you chose what fits your needs.

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Q: How to drain water from a fully automatic washing machine?

Ans: Fully automatic washing machines drain dirty water automatically. The machine takes the water as per the needs, and after a complete washing cycle, it drains the water and takes freshwater. Again after rinsing, it drains the water and takes fresh water to rinse the laundry.

Q: How much water consumption in the fully automatic washing machine?

Ans: In a fully automatic washing machine, the power consumption is low. The machine automatically decides the amount of water requires and takes water as per the laundry available in the machine. The washing machines take fresh water after every cycle is completed.

Q: Will a fully automatic washing machine work if I pour water by the bucket?

Ans: You cannot just pour the water from the bucket into the machine. There is no way to get this done. Here you see a water inlet, the pipe connects to the water source, and the machine takes water using that inlet according to the needs and requirements.

You simply cannot carry this out….!

Q: Is water pressure mandatory for a fully automatic washing machine?

Ans: If you are using a fully automatic washing machine, this should not be a problem. Most washing machines operating and supplied in Saudi Arabia required at least 0.5 bars of water pressure to operate correctly. This minimum water pressure is achieved in most areas, even including the water shortages areas. If this pressure is not achieved, the machine will not stop working but will complete the tasks.

Q: Does a fully automatic washing machine need any regular maintenance?

Ans: This is just not about the washing machines; every appliance we use in our homes needs maintenance. If you are not taking care of the machine, regularly not cleaning up the machine, it is likely to affect your washing process.

For proper maintenance of the electronic appliance, we need expert’s services. So, if you have nearby maintenance services, get the help of them to for the maintenance.

The Final Thoughts

In Saudi Arabia, I have seen various brands competing for the neck to the neck. I cannot call just one name. If we see the semi-automatic washing machine, Whirlpool washing machines stand heads and shoulders above the rest. For a fully automatic washing machine, I would say LG, IFB, BOSCH, and Samsung are the best brands to go with.

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