Best IFB Washing Machines in Saudi Arabia 2021

If you search for the best IFB washing machines to buy in Saudi Arabia, you are landed at the right place. Buying a washing machine in Saudi Arabia is one of the toughest tasks.

Firstly, dozens of brands overwhelming confuse you with which brand to go with. Secondly, if you pick one brand, similar to our case, it is still tricky to get a product as per the requirements and needs.

IFB washing machines stand out in the crowd when we compare them with any other leading brand. The brand gets the credit for launching front-loading washing machines in Saudi Arabia.

The brand also offers an impressive range of features from its kitty. For instance, the Air-bubble tech technology introduced by IFB has now reached the level that every brand is featuring.

The tech creates air bubbles that go deep inside the fabric and remove the stubborn stains. In the same way, the Cradle wash washing program to wash delicate clothes is something other brands are looking forward to adapting.

There are dozens of other features that I cannot mention here, as our post will go longer. So, let’s move directly towards the top washers produced by IFB in Saudi Arabia.

Here are the Best IFB washing machines in Saudi Arabia 2021

1) IFB 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

For singles or couples, the laundry needs are not much. This fully automatic washing machine offers the best quality wash with energy and water-efficient features. The washer features an 800 rpm spin cycle capable enough to dry your clothes as quickly as possible.

The machine tub features crescent moon grooves on the surface. The Grooves produce water cushions or detergent bubbles, which prevents the fabric from getting any damage. You will have peace of mind while getting your delicate clothes in it. The Grooves on the drums are the perfect way to prevent your clothes from any damage.

The machine’s 2D wash system enables you to rinse and wash using a shower system. The shower system ensures thorough soaking and cleansing. The Float ball valve technology offers a unique feature. The ball valve keeps the detergent within the machine, prevents wastage of soaps.

The detergent bubbles which often drain out will no longer get a way to get out. The ball valve will keep them within the washtub; you get an enhanced wash experience. The Aqua Energie feature enables the machine to energize the water by using this built-in tool. The filter treatment dissolves the detergent and gives your clothes a softer wash experience.

Suppose if you skip missing any laundry and the cycle has started, with IFB 6KG fully automatic washer, you will have the chance to put your clothes on even after the period. Auto Balance laundry feature lets you learn the total weight of the laundry. So that you could take out some clothes if laundry is increased than recommended.

2) IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (TL-RDW 6.5kg Aqua, Ivory White)

IFB 6.5 KG washing machines seem to have all the features that a Saudi Household would demand. The tailor-made washing machine for Saudi conditions is the most delicate beast to go through the laundry. The machine comes in ivory white color, with eight wash programs. The wide range of wash programs makes the cleansing processor easier. You get the option to wash all kinds of clothes with convenience and ease. The machine features a 6.5KG washing tub capable enough to handle the laundry of 3-4 members of the family.

The IFB washer features eight different water level selections. From now on, you will not be wasting water. The machine will switch to the recommended water level when you put the laundry with no human assistance required.

The washer features a large LED display which not only enhances the look of the machine but offers you an option to overlook the performance on a big LED screen. The machine’s auto bleach and softener dispenser, on the other hand, will ease down your laundry doings.

The washing machine features Triadic Pulsator. The type of Pulsator is used to get rid of the stubborn stains gently. The powerful jets will kick off the dirt from any corner of the fabric; the mechanical punch option will pull out all direct from clothes.

A bleach dispenser is a hands-down option to not involve your hands in putting liquid bleach or detergent. Get the right use of the addition, and you will have peace of mind for sure.

The IFB’s hallmark, Crescent moon drum. The drum’s grooves produce bubbles on the drum surfaces, which provide a cushion to fabric, preventing them from any possible damage.

The High voltage protection helps your machine get a constant required voltage flow in case of voltage fluctuations.

3) IFB 8 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (Senator Aqua SX, Silver)

IFB 8 KG is one of the most famous products of IFB. The product is customized with features required for local customers. This 8KG washing machine is perfect for families with 5-7 members.

The machine features 1400 rpm spin speed, a rare feature to behold in the front-runner washer. The machine is an Ace of spade with a superior air bubble wash system which creates and releases the air bubbles into the water flow system. The bubbles then go deep through the fabric and kick off all dirt or stains.

If you live in an area where the hard-water supply is not letting you wash your laundry at home, the IFB 8 kg machine may fall right on your need. The machine’s Aqua Energie system treats hard water and converts water particles into crystals that dissolve detergents. In this way, you will have a wash experience akin to sweet water; without having any tremendous hard water tool, you get a seamless laundry experience.

The machine’s 3D innovative wash system will circulate the water 360-degrees around the drum. The machine uses a nozzle to get this done; this will make the machine dissolves the detergent more efficiently.

The crescent moon-shaped drum of the washer curves the water in a way that inflates along with the drum; thus, the clothes do not rub along the stainless steel-made drum. The shape also makes the machine not tangle any cloth, or this mechanism can also prevent accidental damage to laundry.

You can add laundry in the mid-way as well. The machine allows you to put the laundry when you miss one item and want to add it in the mid-way cycle.

The float ball valve technology will prevent the drainage of detergents with water. The ball valve tech will avoid wastage of the soaps and enhances the wash experience.

4) IFB 8.5 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (Executive Plus VX ID, White, Inbuilt Heater)

You know that IFB products come with features with cutting-edge technology and showcases impeccable aesthetics.

IFB 8.5KG fully automatic washer features 14 wash programs. The ample range of wash programs lets you wash a wide array of clothes without any worry of damage.

The impressive Aqua Energie feature is something to count on. The feature helps dissolves the detergent particles and produce better washing results. Like, if you are facing a hard-water issue in your area, the function will let you wash clothes without any hiccup. The Aqua Energie feature will break the hard-water particles and let the detergent does its job.

The Dynamic 3D wash system is innovative. The system energies water and give it a 3-direction motion, in which all detergent available in the drum dissolves completely and distributes evenly.

On the other hand, the express wash feature lets you go through all laundry 50-percent quicker than other washers. The washer cut-down the washing time and lets you wrap up the whole laundry immediately.

The smooth crescent moon-shaped drum grooves the water and produces air bubbles that inflate along with the drum and prevent your laundry from getting any possible damage.

The High-voltage protection feature lets you deal with voltage fluctuations. The mechanism will provide a constant flow of voltages in voltage ups and downs without causing any damage to your machine’s core components.

Final Conclusion:

IFB is one of the renowned brands in Saudi Arabia. The washers produced by IFB have set the bar high for other leading brands. The products manufactured by them not only enhance the aesthetics presence of the ambiance but renders optimum results. Moreover, the products are equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology and come in hand at an affordable price range. About all of the washers, we listed here features hard-water technology to let the users go through washing even in the absence of hard water.

I hope the IFB washing machine buying guide will help you choose the best-suited unit per your need and budget. If you like this guide, please help us spread this all around the web so that others who need reading such a guide could benefit from it.

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