10 Best Top Load Washing Machine in Saudi Arabia 2021

best top load washing machines in indiaIn 2021 finding the best top load washing machine in Saudi Arabia is quite difficult and that’s why I am here. I have compiled a list of the top 10 best top-loading washing machines after a great research and reading hundreds of reviews.

Saudi has become one of the widest consumer markets because of its massive population. Every brand just wants to hit the Saudi market and it can gain success within days.

Just because of this reason, we see dozens of brands working really hard shoulder to shoulder. So, it becomes near impossible to catch a product that falls right on the needs and necessities.

I see front-loading washing machines by all accounts leap the top-loading due to many reasons. Still, Top loading washing machines earned a unique place in Saudi Audience and ranking high. Especially, the price-conscious people here in Saudi Arabia favor up until the top-loading washing machine.

So, if you are desired to purchase one and confused about which brand to go with, you are landed in the right place. Here we are with a detailed guide for purchasing the best fully-automatic top-loading washing machines in Saudi Arabia 2021. Just have a birds-eye-view of the list we have penned down, it will make it easier for you to pick one.

Best Top Load Washing Machines Reviews

Here are the Best Top Load Washing Machines in Saudi Arabia

1. Samsung 13 kg Fully-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

Frankly, I am quite impressed with the quality and functions of Samsung washing machines. In the field of washing machines even, the brand did not give up its performance and looks. We see a quite sleek and elegant looking 6.2KG washing machine with top-tempered glass. The tempered glass is quite sturdy and can withstand heavy loads without any scratch. Plus, one can witness the overall processing of washing and it may be offered a piece of mind.

The hallmark of Samsung 6.2 fully automatic washing machines, the diamond-shaped drum has to wreak havoc in the Saudi market. This unique design and minute holes are on their way to offer great ease. This shape not only protects the delicate clothes from tangling and stretching but feels quite hard on the stains. I have been using this washing machine for years, and I see no fault in any area of it.

The Magic filter integrated into the washing drum has given a new way to collect the lint and fluff. We see more than often, the lines and fluffs block the drainage pipe or sometimes stick to the delicate clothes to spoil the entire textures. This lint collector carefully traps the links and accumulates them while protecting the drainage from getting closed.

The latest waterfall design provides powerful water showers down on the clothes and mixes the detergent to clean the clothes thoroughly, it helps in effecting rinsing. The eco tub clean courses make the outer tub clean and fresh, without putting harsh chemicals and manually doing anything. It also notifies you when it needed to be cleaned, so you would not be worried about the current stats of the outer tub.

The Samsung beast also features child lock function, auto-restart, and auto air turbo system. The machine fits the needs of a small family and can entertain 2-3 members of a family without any hiccup.

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2. LG 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

LG the biggest giant in the washing machine world finally has come up with a 6.2KG size washing machine after a prolonged desire of the customers. Singles and small families find it hard to purchase 7KG and 8KG washing machines. Therefore for them, it is really an impeccable addition on the line, applauded by the users and critics. It is a fully-featured top-loading washing machine with dozens of useful features with bells and whistles.

LG top loader washing machine features the latest BMC motor protection to the motor that surrounds the motor from all sides leaving no room for dust and humidity. The Turbo drum technology same like Diamond drum technology deals with the dust and drains strictly but gently on the textures of the clothes. This turbo system removes the dirt through the strong water and makes the drum & Pulsator move in the opposite direction to bring forth impeccable results.

The machine is quite silent in noise. You see the LG is quite successful in bringing forth a less vibrate machine which leads it to the quietest washing machine in the line. Its smart closing door has made the user not bang with the door; it takes time in closing the door automatically.

The machine saves your time and energy owing to its auto-restart feature. The machine remembers the last washing cycle and ignites the cycle from the phase it was stopped due to the power cut. You will get no issue in cleaning the tub as well, as it the tub clean disinfects the tub by itself. You can use the child lock feature of the machine to not let your toddler play with the functions of the machine or change anything from the settings. The washing machine’s motor is made of stainless steel, the body is rustproof and durable.

The SmartThinkQ feature of the LG makes you automatically detect the issue with the machine and it lets you know how to fix it. Just connect the machine with the Application, and get any issue nailed without a single hiccup.

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3. LG 6.5 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

LG washing machines are ruling the electronics market in Saudi Arabia. The washing machines manufactured by LG are something must look at while stepping out. They come in various ranges, catering to the needs of all kinds of Saudi family’s necessities. You see a large, medium, and small sizes LG washing machine and get the desired one.

LG is an exceptional brand, really working hard in advancing the washing machine world. The smart inverter motor, the hallmark of the LG washing machine, is the feature that makes the washing machines stand out in the crowd. This renders an incredible washing experience and offering the safest cleansing on the other hand.

You see LG product’s motor offer a longer lifespan compare to the other brands. This is because of the BMC motor protection of the machine, which makes them live longer than expected. Another hallmark feature of the LG washing machine, the Punch +3 technology, brings the highest quality washing for any clothes you throw at it.

The LG 6.5 top load washing machine also features a robust turbo drum, to get a thorough cleansing. The machine also features a memory back function and starts after from the point exactly where the power was gone. The safe and smooth lid is something you must value; the door takes time while closing. The Turbo cleaning feature of the machine ensures the removal of unpleasant cleaning odor and clean the off automatically without notifying you.

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4. Samsung 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Samsung washing machines and other electronics products are extremely popular in Saudi Arabia. The time has taken a 180-degree shift, semi-automatic washing machines are going to a closing end. Fully-automatic washing machines, top loading, and front loading are getting popular nowadays. Samsung 6.5KG washing machines are extremely helpful in getting the cleansing job done. This comes with an easy to use interface, control panels, and dozens of features. You will love to have this impeccable washing machine at your home to get rid of household tasks.

This Samsung top-loading washing machine suits the Saudi conditions from the core. This machine’s volt fluctuation feature protects your appliance from getting damaged. This works even when the voltage fluctuations go up to 25%.

The machine’s memory back features really fall the criteria of Saudi conditions. Here the power outage is casual, and you see it half a dozen times in a day. The machine will restart automatically without manual input and starts the washing cycle exactly from where the power outage stopped it.

The Samsung diamond drum feature helps you to get impressive washing done. The diamond-shaped depressions and minute holes make your clothes not tangle into the holes. This diamond-shaped drum also deals with the hard stains strictly and gets them away from the clothes. Samsung has done a fantastic job in bringing forth the Quick Wash Feature; this helps you doing laundry in the shortest span of time possible.

5. Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Bosh washing machines are world-famous. This is one of the finest brands you would see in the Saudi market. The products manufactured by Bosch are really impressive and speak for it. This is one of the pioneers of the front-loading washing machine. The most famous front-loading washing machines are manufactured by Bosch. Even, the top-loading machines are not lesser than any other big player in the market.

With the introduction of the Bosch 6.5 Kg washing machine, the brand has really done a fantastic job. The machine checks all the boxes right and offers a customized washing experience as per the needs of Saudi markets. This German-made washing machine comes with a powerful wave wash system to render perfect wash quality owing to its Pulsator design.

The innovative water flow, the drum movement, and sturdily built have given a clear edge to this machine. The lid or the door of the machine closes softly, without any disruptive noises, the automatic sudden closing of the door has been protected with the soft closing lid. You would not see any damage or slam noise of abrupt closing lid.

The tampered see-through glass lid is something to applaud for. You see the glass withstand wear and tear and heavy load with no marks on it. This also features a resume washing cycle. If the power outage has to halt your ways, you have no need to worry; the machine resumes the cycle automatically. The magic filter is a nice addition, collects links and fluffs. The machine handles the low water pressure, up to 0.3 bars, ideal the Saudi conditions.

6. Whirlpool 7 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Whirlpool is quite a famed name in the Saudi washing machine market. This has made its first impression great and still ranking as the finest washing machine out there. There were some downs in its market value in Saudi, but the brand has regained its power and wreaking havoc in the local washing machine world. The biggest reason for its popularity here in Saudi Arabia would be the brand’s awareness of the local issues here people are facing. From the water shortages to the hard water issue in the latest offering Whirlpool 7KG washing machine has been impressively entertained.

The machine’s smart detergent recommendation made the user to put the amount of detergent recommended by the machine. Sometimes, the user just does not get the idea of the amount of detergent needed to put. With this feature, you can simply follow the instruction and it has made your washing life easier than ever before.

Its dynamic washing technology features proper mixing of the detergent through the tub so that there is no detergent or residue left on the cloths once the water is drain. When we have low water pressure, the international standard made washing machine refuse to operate and functions. The Whirlpool product ignites the water filling even though the water pressure is as low as 0.017MPa.

The standout features of this Whirlpool top-loading washing machine, the intelligent hard water software that adapts the hardware and washes the clothes bring better and clearer results. You will not see any detergent un-dissolving issue or any other issue that we use to face owing to the hard water.

If you are running short of time still needs your clothes washed and dried, get the right use of the Express Wash feature. This feature enables you to wash the clothes up to 50% quicker and brings forth immediate results to entertain your needs. The machine also features 3D scrub pads to knock off the toughest stains from the clothes and bring the whitest white clothes in no time. The machine features a simple control system, you see the buttons named after 1, 2, and 3 numbers so that you could quickly remember the system and run them even if you are illiterate.

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7. IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

If I call this IFB front runner fully-automatic top-loading washing machine the perfect beast and tailor-made for the Saudi households, it would not be a lie. The machine features 8 wash programs to offer customize wash and has made the entire process of washing easy to use and convenient. The 6.5KG washing machine entertains an adequate number of laundry in one go without any single hiccup.

The machine ensures a deep and thorough clean experience, hard on stains, and delicate on your delicate clothes or laundry. The Aqua Spa therapy technology hydrate, exfoliates, cleanses, and rejuvenates the clothes, and brings the highest cleaning experience to your laundry.

For the regions where hardware hitting the ground very hard and has made it impossible to cleanse the clothes, the Aqua Energie feature houses in the IFB front-runner ensures better detergent dissolving. This feature can make you go through the cleansing processes without much thinking about the type of water you are using.

The 3D wash dynamic water system ensures that your laundry soaks water; the detergent dissolves completely and moves the laundry in all directions leaving no stone unturned to offer to maximize the washing experience. The trade Pulsator technology embedded in the machine gently washes off the stubborn stains leaving no marks on the clothes.

The crescent moon drum houses in the IFB machine grooves on the drum surfaces and produces a gentle surface on the drum not to collide the laundry direct to the drum. In the latest technology equipped washing machine has been considered the quietest washing machine, just because of bubble leveler its features. You would not be worried about the voltage constant flow, owing to the high-voltage protection feature of it, which ensures a constant flow of the continuous voltage.

If you believe me, IFB 6.5 KG fully-automatic top-loading washing machines, by all accounts is a perfect grab in Saudi conditions. You see other dozens of features Boasting the overall performance and user experience in the machine which made it a one-stop-shop for an average family.

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8. Haier 5.8 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

If you are really looking forward to rolling your hands on a splendid washing machine, must include Haier product in the list. For Saudi conditions, you see its products falling all criteria. The latest Haier 5.8KG offering is something exceptional for a single or small family. This machine features multi-segment and boasts a rust-free body. For the areas where wet is something you are conscious about, the machine would not be harmed any wet owing to the rust-free body.

Haier 5.8KG machine features 6 wash-programs and to render a customized washing experience. When washing delicate clothes, this helps you to get the desired job done as per the needs. The washing machine offers standard wash, jeans wash, gentle wash, spin wash, quick wash, and simple wash separate programs. Haier front-runner houses a single drum for washing and drying purposes. The design of the drum leads it not to produce disruptive noises, would not awake your toddler or other households.

The feature that has made the machine stand out in the massive crowd, the control panel with the magnified display? You see a segmented display to control any feature of the machine and let you know each and every process.

This machine features a Quadra Flow Pulsator. This is a special kind of Pulsator that has been introduced just not to tangle the laundry. If you are conscious about your expensive clothes and manually dealing with them, have them washed using Haier 5.8KG fully-automatic top-loading washing machine, you would behold a single mark on your laundry, and ensured perfect cleaning.

A fuzzy logical control featuring helps you gauge the total load of it, it works when you turned it on. The machine offers a splendid spin to dry your clothes as fast as possible. The Haier 58-020 washing machine boasts a single drum for both washing and drying. It makes the machine deal with the less abrasion of the laundry due to the size of it.

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9. Godrej 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Godrej is for those who are looking for budget-conscious products without cutting off the main features and performance, Godrej product is perfect. Godrej is a famed Saudi home appliances company that caters to the needs of the audience like never before. I have personally witnessed the quality and performance of the brand, and they are really awesome.

Godrej leaps in washing functionality and renders a 4-ways wash program, while most of the brands enlisted only offer a 2-way wash. The clockwise and Anti-clockwise movement is further assisted by ups and down movements with punches to generate power in four-directional. This unique washing way literally forces the hardest stains to wash off with leaving no marks on the delicate clothes.

The machine has some in-built powers of hibernating whenever the water movement or pressure stops. It can regain the running when water pressure reaches at the optimum level to get the job done. If the water level remains low constantly for the next 15 minutes, it lets you know by peeping and flickering the LEDs.

The Godrej product offers you 9-soaking ways. This range of soaking option let you learn the best possible way to clean the clothes after soaking them. The Smart rinse features let the machine to put water while rinsing, to proceed a better rinsing and washing. This feature is especially carried out for baby apparel and people with sensitive skin.

The separate save setting option enables you to save the preference settings. Every other time you use the machine, switch to that saved settings and let the machine carry out the job without much worrying or manual input.

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10. BPL 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

BPL is a reputed local electronics and electrical product manufacturer.  In the Saudi market, it is a famed name and any product in the name of BPL would achieve a great resale value. If you are looking for a Saudi product to suit the Saudi conditions and also are price conscious, have a birds-eye view of the BPL 6.2kg fully automatic top loading washing machine.

The machine is fine-tuned for salty water, low water pressure, and power outages issues and fills the bills in the worst conditions. The 6.2 KG is an ideal weight condition for couples and bachelors alike. The stainless steel drum does not rust and you will face no issue even in wet conditions.

The washing machine boasts a user-friendly and elegant looking digital interface. The machine is easy to operate; even a novice would make great use of it. This machine features 10 different wash programs and switching from one wash program to the other would not be an issue for anyone.

You see 8 different wash levels and automatic imbalance correction, this level of sensing is impressive in taking lots of loads and rendering optimal cleansing. The machine automatically shut down after finishing the washing schedule, add-on child lock feature. The BPL front-runner houses an impeccable air dryer to speed up the drying processor. Use the quick wash feature to have a quick washing and drying, even in minutes you see the process concluded.

Top Loading Washing Machine Buying Guide

Buying a new washing machine is a hefty investment. You ensure your money could bring a better product which could produce optimal performance. There is a great range of washing machines nowadays you can choose from. You must not fall for the bells and whistles; you must not go for the aesthetics of a washing machine.

You must always look at a washing machine that fits your need. Having a good looking washing machine, with no performance, or average performance is a waste of money. So, before going further, you must know the type of washing machine you want to buy.

Do you want to spend your money on something really remarkable, loaded with dozens of features, and embedded with state-of-the-art technology? Or you cannot afford a washing machine of this range right now, and want to have something just for go-now?

This buying guide will help you decide on a better washing machine. Like, semi-automatic washing machines are the in-expensive beast with average functionality and features. You cannot expect a sky-rocket performance or automatic features from it.

Let’s dive deep and search for the machine’s type.

Washing Machines Type

Basically, there are two types of washing machines we see.

  • Semi-automatic washing machines
  • Fully-automatic washing machine

The first one is something you must not purchase if you can afford just a little more money. The Semi-automatic washing machines are more like owning a horse in the world of Tesla.

The semi-automatic washing machines need manual operating, and we use to use two different portions for washing and drying. You manually have to take out and put in the laundry in the washing and drying tub.

In a fully automatic washing machine, we get the job done under one roof. Here the drying and washing carried out in one tub. The one tub makes the manual job minimalist, and you get everything carrying out quite easily. Here, the fully automatic washing machines come under two types

  1. Top loading
  2. Front loading

The front-loading washing machines are the latest generation washing machine equipped with advanced features and functions. This type of washing machine usually costs us arms and legs and we get optimal level performance in the end. These machines take the load from the front and are popular due to clear and go-through performance.

The top-loading washing machines take the load from the top. This type of machine usually is less expensive compare to the front-loading and lacks some advanced features such as hot water functions and others. As per the performance, both are somehow similar.

If you have decided to purchase a top-load washing machine but are confused about the specifications and other features, just have a look at the mentioned yardstick and decide what fits your needs.

Washer’s Drum Size

The Washer’s external dimensions are important, but the drum size is paramount. Here is a normal 7KG washing machine, you see 4 to 5 cubic feed drum sizes, and this is a good range of a 7KG washing machine.  If you wash clothes often, you need to look at the type of steel tub. If it is made of stainless steel, it is ideal and you can have as much laundry as you want.

The larger sized drum is great for the bigger families to do laundry and washing bulky items such as bedding.

Cycle Time

This is one of the most prominent features you must count on while having a quality washing machine. The higher the cycle speed or RPM of the machine, the faster it will dry the clothes. If you prefer a top-loading washing machine, much check its fast wash cycle.

The front-loader though is famous due to their extracting more water, and they usually dry out the clothes in a shorter span of time. Still, if you look carefully, you can have a faster top-loading washing machine with a perfect cycle time.

Child Lock Feature

For a fully automatic washing machine, it is imperative to have a child lock feature. This feature enables you to learn any tampering in the settings done by the little creatures around you. The kids love to set the new settings and often halt the process. This feature makes you learn with a beep or loud alarm that something unusual, out of the setting is happening so that you could get off your other tasks and reach to the machine to check.

Auto-Sensing Water Level

The auto-sensing water level makes you save water. In water deprivation regions, it becomes crucial to saves as much water as we can. The auto-sensing feature enables the washer to adjust the water level according to the size of the load or fabric type.

Wash Programs

Wash programs are my favorite feature of a washing machine. See, the washer must be embedded with dozens of wash programs, so that we could customize the washing as per our needs.

This is not about wishing or desiring, this becomes imperative sometimes. When you have some really delicate clothes, and you are frightening to put them into a washing machine, no particular wash program matching, it can spoil the experience.

You must look for special wash programs so that you could go through any desired or needed wash programs.

Quick Wash

This feature has become one of the most sought and used in a washer. We have no time do laundry, and sometimes we forget to do it on time. If you are needed to do a quick laundry, this feature assists you and helps you out.

This is made for small loads and quick washing. You must not put heavy loads and stinky clothes. This is made for a quick wash when you require hurry washing.


  • Less expensive
  • Ergonomically friendly
  • More Reliable
  • Do not require special detergent
  • More options available
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to move
  • Greater life expectancy
  • Takes loads in cycles


  • Noisy
  • Harsher on clothes
  • Few features
  • Consumes more water and energy
  • Do not come with an in-built heater
  • Occupy more space

Difference between front load and top load washing machines?

Front-loading washing machines are those which take loads of laundry from the top of the machine. You open the top-lid and put the laundry and make them go through. The lid is made of tempered glass and withstands heavy loads and scratches. This type of washing machine is usually less expensive, easy to use, takes more water and energy, and ergonomically friendly.

On the other hand, the front-loading washing machine takes the load from the front door. The front door opens and you put the laundry, the drum of the machine moves horizontally, they are often trusted as the finest beast to done laundry. They are usually soft on the clothes and produce optimal results in the end.

Yes, they are expensive and cost your arms and legs. They are difficult to use and usually require a specialist to repair them.

Why does anyone buy top-loading washing machines when front-loading ones use far less water and electricity?

The top-loading washing machines are less prone to get damaged. They are easy to operate and install washing machine; any local service provider would get the problem fixed. They are less expensive and one can use them without any great conscious or fear. While the front-load washing machines are an expensive beast.

Yes, they use less water and energy and one must count these features while selecting one. Still, price matters, and the front-loading are way more expensive than top-loading.

Which one is a better top load or front load?

Genuinely, it depends on your needs. What do you need the most and the money you spend on buying a washer. If you have money and want something really updated, go for front-loading, as they come with tons of features and the latest equipment. As long as top-loading washing machines are concerned, they also fit the bills in many ways. They are a perfect catch for someone who does not know to handle the latest beast.

If you had been using a front-loading washer, you must go for it. You will not be able to handle the hectic of a top-loading washing machine.

For older people and those with joint issues, the top-loading washer is the best choice. Since they take the load from the top and you do not have to bend over the machine to load and unload.

How much detergent do you need in a top load washing machine?

Frankly, front-loading washing machines use a lesser amount of detergent compared to top-loading. It depends on your laundry and type. If you are dealing with stinky clothes, curtains, etc., it will use more detergent.

If you want a comparison between front loading and top loading, then top loading consumes more detergent than the latter.

Why does the top-loading washing machine need an agitator and the front-loading washing machine does not?

The top loader washing machines use agitator technology to cleanse the laundry. This is the technology where the machine uses a finned central post that twist backs and forth rubs against the clothes to loosen the soils. This technology cannot be used in front-loading washing machines. In front-loading, you see the drum moves in horizontal directions, while the agitator moves in the vertical direction back and forth.

In impeller technology, we use a low-profile disc, which moves horizontally and rubs cloth each other to clean them. You cannot use any of them in place of each other, as the direction of movement is different what cannot be worked in both of them.

The Impeller technology offers a better cleaning option and you can have your delicate clothes washed. An agitator, you see they work on-go, and they offer your speedy results.

The Final Thought

The Washers are every household necessity these days. You cannot go through the laundry without having a good washer on-board. The front loading and top loading are different types of washing machines. Both offer a different experience and holds at a different price range.

Yes, it really takes time to finalize washing machines among dozens of brands and hundreds of products. All look the same and render the same services with the same experience. But, one must not fall for the aesthetics and cut the dress according to the cloth. You must look at your necessities and then step out and chose a product.

I extremely worked hard to finalize the list and searching for the products. I read thousands of reviews and check the ratings before penning down the names. In my opinion, these are the best top-loading washing machine in Saudi Arabia.

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