9 Best Washing Machines Under 5000 SAR in Saudi Arabia

Best Washing Machines Under 20000If you were searching for the best washing machine under 1000 in Saudi Arabia and are confused about which one to buy, then you are in the right place.

Washing machines are not a luxury now. This electronic gadget has lowered down lots of household workload. We put our dirtiest clothes in the washing tub, and the machine goes through them quite impressively.

The washing results of today’s washing machines are getting better and better with state-of-the-art technology integration. We cannot imagine a day without a full-functioned washing machine.

The hiccup of washing clothes manually is better felt when our washing machine gets damaged. We simply cannot go through the washing process manually as it takes lots of our time and energy; the results will never be the same.

What Do You Really Need?

At the first stage, you need to figure out which product you want to go with. Can a semi-automatic washing machine do your job? Or a fully automatic washing machine is what you love to have. Let’s take a deep breath and walk with us. We will reveal everything and make you figure out what suits you the best.

First, you should decide the precise amount you want to spend on purchasing a new washing machine. Are you willing to spend 1000 SAR or not? Let’s assume you want to spend the 1000 SAR of money on buying the desired washer. So, what’s next?

Types of Washing Machines

You might have been learned about semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machines. If you look at the types, washing machines come in two primary types.

  1. Semi-Automatic
  2. Fully Automatic

Now, you are spending a whopping amount of money on purchasing a washer. You are not willing to spend this much on old-fashioned technology, right? So, we are elaborating on the automatic washing machine and its further types.

The automatic washers come in two further types

  1. Front-Loading
  2. Top-Loading

Both types render almost the same features and function in the same way. There are minor differences in functioning, but both offer an exceptional washing experience.

Top-loading Washers

As the name suggests, these washers take the load from the top. The user, by standing along, puts the laundry and takes it out when the washing is done. These washers come at a low price and are considered less expensive.

You see a low range of features compares to front-load. The users can stop the washer at any washing cycle and put more laundry if needed. These machines are quicker and even run at lower water prices. They are ergonomic and compact; users can have them placed in less space.

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Front-loading Washers

Front-loading washing machines take the load from the front. They are the latest generation washers and come equipped with the latest features. These washers often come with an integrated heater, voltage controller, fuzzy logic, and other latest technological features. They do not stop within a cycle; you cannot put laundry.

They take a longer time to get the laundry done and often come at an expensive price range. Still, if you are the one who wants to have the latest generation of washers, you must get Front-loading beasts. They consume less water and energy compared to the top loaders.

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Now you have the idea, I will craft a list of top washing machines under 1000 SAR. This means you now can have a list of the best washing machines that can offer optimum performance and adorned with top features. So without further ado, here are the top 10 best washing machines under 1000 in Saudi Arabia 2021:

Best Washing Machines Under 5000 SAR

Here is my list of best machines available in Saudi Arabia in 2021;

1. Bosch 10 kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Best Front Loader under 20000A German-made washing machine is getting high appreciation in the Saudi market just because of its performance.

Bosch has been manufacturing high-quality products, and its washing machines are just perfect. You can trust them for doing your laundry, a long-run powerhouse washer you are going to grab.

The 10KG washing capacity, of course, is targeting singles and smaller families. It can handle a load of 1-2 family members, mostly target singles. Larger families can go with other higher capacities of the same products.

This washing machine prices 1000 SAR and features almost all high-ended washer functions. This offers great value for your money and comes equipped with innovative designs and features. This offers 10 wash programs and makes saves electricity and power.

The Bosch washing machine can function even at the lowest possible water pressure you are receiving. The capability of handling low water pressure makes it the one-stop shop for Saudi conditions. The machine can handle as low as 0.3 bars; the water pressure would not be an issue while using this machine.

Here you get a full-fledged water filter to wash your clothes even in hard water. The drum size is bigger than a normal washing machine of the same size; your laundry gets more mobility and comes in a clearer and cleaner form. You have better results for the dirtiest laundry you got.

The reload function integrated into this washer allows the user to put the closes within the cycle. This is something rare you see in an automatic washer; most of the washers do not let the user put more clothes within a cycle.

Within the inbuilt heater, the washer ensures you get hot water. Hot water is the best solution for tougher stains and offers perfect cleaning results. If you look at the ratings, one of the highest washers on Amazon, the people love this beast, as it offers what the users expect from it.

The inbuilt volt checker will let your machine functioning even at voltage fluctuations. This machine offers a great deal, as the users would not be purchasing dedicated volt checkers. The Active Water technology introduced by the manufacturer is something exceptional. It senses and adjusts the water level as per the laundry weight and fabric.

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2. Whirlpool 10 kg Front Load Washing Machine

Whirlpool 10 kg Front Loading Washing Machine ReviewsIf you are looking for the best front loading washing machine, your research should look at this product. You see, every feature is integrated in a way that the whole package stuns. From every side, this is a complete package.

The Whirlpool 10KG washing machine features hard water wash technology. This hardware feature is getting recognition and usability in Saudi Arabia. This feature targets the area where people are destined to use hard water.

This feature breaks down the hard water particles and provides the machine with soft water that resolves the detergents and renders optimum results.

If you are getting late for your work and need to go through the laundry, a dedicated Express Wash program comes to the rescue. This feature ensures you get instant results within minutes.

For people who deal with the dirtiest laundry on an almost daily basis, the Agipeller with 3D scrub pads will do wonders for you. The combo helps you knock off the hardest stains and give the whitest whitewash you have ever seen.

Whirlpool’s latest offering offers ZPF Technology. This helps you get the machines filled with water quicker. So, you get the results faster than you used to have.

The smart sensors indicate voltage fluctuations. The voltage stabilizer comes to your rescue when you see the voltage issue so often in the area. This can make your machine burnt out without a stabilizer. So, now you are not required to purchase a separate stabilizer; integrated would fill the bill.

Its dynamic technology senses the laundry and recommends you the required detergent dosage. The smart lint filter washer automatically collects the links and cleanses them. You are no longer be collecting the lint manually ever.

3. Samsung 9 kg Front Loading Washing Machine

Samsung 6 kg Front Loading Washing Machine reviewSamsung products and the brand itself need no recognition or introductory words. This brand has become synonymous with quality, innovation, performance, and powerhouse. The brand has been offering products in myriad niches, including washing machines.

I personally find the washing machine closer to the Saudi conditions. The features, performance, and innovation integrated into this, speak for Saudi conditions.

It seems the brand closely monitored the  Saudi audience’s prerequisites and, after keeping them close, designed this beast.

The built of the washer is sturdy, quality material is ensured to make it. This comes with a 350-W motor that adhered to at least 700 rpm spinning speed.

The Samsung 6 kg washing machine offers 6 different wash programs. The wash programs are designed for different texture laundry and get a different response in a lesser span of time.

You see it houses, quick wash, Delicates, Soak+Normal, Blanket, Jeans and Eco Tub clean. Whatever you have in your laundry, you can put it in the machine and expects smoother and quicker results.

As I have mentioned, Samsung products speak for it. Let’ take its diamond-designed drum. The drum’s design ensures the laundry gets a safe wash-through. This has been experienced this texture and delicacy of the expensive clothes damage during their collision with the drum.

Samsung came up with an innovative design, which keeps the external texture safe and ensures no tangling or stretching. In the same way, the ceramic heater integration fills the bill. This lends the machine to have a heater+. This ensures the machine functions even in the availability of hardware.

Samsung is using Wobble technology. This technology is designed to offer a multi-directional movement to the laundry. This hard movement helps the machine to get rid of the toughest stains you can think of.

You must not forget the way Samsung designs its product. This is a seamless design. Eye-catching color combination, ergonomically designed dial, beautiful looking touch buttons showcase a sober-looking beast.

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4. Bosch 7 Kg Top Loading Washing Machine

Bosch 6.5 Kg Top Loading Washing Machine ReviewBosch, a German brand paving its way in Saudi Arabia markets with a fully Automatic top-load washing machine under 1000.

It’s not too long when Bosch has made its way into the Saudi market. But, before this, only front-loading brands were available. If you compare these Bosch top load washers, it sweeps others from the roots the way it performs.

This washing machine offers 7 KG capacity, great to deal with the laundry of 2-3 family members. Boch’s power wave wash system is something reaping great results. This feature we have seen in front-loading, the best technology to get rid of the hardest stains.

You see the machine featuring Dynamic Water Flow. The Pulsator and drum move opposite to bring forth the best possible results. The soft closing lid is made of glass. The toughest glass ever used to make a lid; this even endures your body weight. You can jump over it and sit in idle moments (Take it on a lighter note).

This machine features 8 different wash programs. I am quite surprised by seeing these myriad wash programs in a top-loading washer. They often come with 4 or sometimes 6 wash programs. This range of wash programs can offer you a customized washing experience, get your desired clothes with recommended wash programs.

The machine even showcases the best look. The aesthetics are great; the control panel design is something sober. If you do not know which wash programs will suit your clothes, do not worry.

The one-touch start will help you get the right wash program with one press button. The dual dispenser option lets you put powder detergent or liquid. Both options are there; use them as per your need.

The machine even handles the lowest possible water pressure in your region. You see this handling the laundry as low as 0.3 bar water pressure. The machine owns a power-off memory option. This means if the power goes, the machine remembers the cycle and will kick off the cycle without any manual interceptions.

This feature comes into use in the areas where people use to see lots of power cuts or load shedding. The German-made machine is backed by 2 years reliability warranty and 10 years motor warranty.

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5. LG 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Best Top Loader under 20000This small by size and big by performance washer can do wonders for you. It suits the family of 3-4 members and helps them get over the washing process with ease. The washing machine features the latest Turbo Drum and smart inverter.

LG is not a newbie in the world of electronics. This is a top brand and has been ranking on the top for electronics products, even on Amazon.

The LG manufactured always comes with a unique solution to the hard-core issue. The noise has been one of the biggest and major issues for the users.

The noise of a washing machine often disrupts the entire surrounding, and you cannot converse while hanging around a machine.

The LG came with a unique solution; Smart Inverter Technology lowered the noise to a marginal level. The machine produces about to neglect sound even running at maximum speed.

This machine features a stainless steel drum and offers a 780 rpm spin speed. You see, the machine’s performance reaches the maximum when it uses Turbo Drum technology. This technology helps the users get a thorough cleansing; the drum and Pulsator rotate in opposite directions to wash away the hardest stains.

LG’s front runner comes with adequate washing programs. By having the 6 washing programs, you can customize wash using Wool, Jeans, Aqua reserve, and tub lean. This much of wash programs helps you out in washing various kinds of laundry.

The motor integrated with the machine comes with BMC motor protection. If you could see the motor surrounding closely, it is protected from all sides. This leaves no room for dust, insects, rats, and humidity. In other ways, a user can expect life-longer durability from the motor.

You are welcome with the soft closing lid. I have been using some other brands; the quick closing of the door halts disruption. LG’s smarter brand looks closely at the problems and comes up with solutions.

Its auto-restart and memory back feature something you must value. When the power goes off, the user wants the machine to kick off where it had stopped working. The machine does the same, offers the same experience.

Its child lock feature, Tub clean auto function, body built, and much more feature stands this machine out in the crowd. If I were you, I would not have gone reading the next washer and had purchased this beast without any doubt.

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6. Samsung 6.5 kg Top Loading Washing Machine

Samsung 6.5 kg Top Loading Washing Machine ReviewSamsung is a known brand in electronics product manufacturing. The brand has taken the world by storm with its elegant-looking designs and built quality.

It seems no other brand in any niche can stand against it. The products produced by this brand are really amazing and offering great results in every range.

Samsung offers this top-loading washing machine under 15000 price ranges. The machine promises impressive results at 700 rpm spinning speed. Its stainless steel-designed diamond-shaped drum makes the real difference.

The drum building is made in a way it would not harm the texture of your clothes. The diamond-shaped depressions really prevent every texture of the clothes and prevalent the freshness.

The outstanding wobble technology has wreaked havoc in international as well as local markets. This technology ensures the multi-directional movement of the laundry and offers pinpointed results.

You get six wash programs, aka wash modes. You see it showcasing quick wash, soak plus normal, blanket, jeans, delicate and eco tub clean modes. Switch the mentioned modes and get your laundry to cleanse with the recommended wash program.

You do not need to keep closed eyes on the machine tub. If the machine is dirty, the indicator will inform you, and you get the eco cleaning tub pressed and complete the process. The magic filters collect the fluffs removed from the laundry. This feature ensures the fiber does not go mixed with your laundry and spoil the texture.

As I mentioned above, Samsung always pays close attention to the design. This product well has no exception. The round edge design improves the aesthetics and displays an eye-catching look.

The machine features an easy-to-use interface along with a waterproof control panel. The lid of the machine is made with tempered glass. This glass is scratch-resistant and ensures any load.

7. Mitashi 6 kg Front Loading Washing Machine

Mitashi 6 kg Front Loading Washing Machine ReviewMitashi is one of the prominent electronics brands. The products manufactured by this brand have garnered positive reviews. The washing machines made by this brand offer some splendid results.

This front-loading washing machine renders 1000 rpm spinning speed. The machine ensures the fastest and quickest possible results for your laundry.

The machine has been integrated with advanced features to make it competitive for international brands. In some features, the machine seems to lead to even international products.

The washing machine offers 8 washing programs. The range of washing programs ensures that you get a splendid finish. You can switch to the desired wash programs and get the desired wash type. You see it featuring Rinse plus spin, spin only, cotton, Tub clean, Delicate, Mix wash, Quick 15, and Synthetic.

The washing machines feature a metal body. The rust-free metallic body offers great results in the long run. The washing machine boasts a great design along, a great combo of colors with a splendid-looking touch control panel.

In the metallic body, we often see shock issues. I have been reading reviews of top brands and witness this common issue. Here the machine’s body is waterproof; you will never have a shock. The Shockproof technology integrated assures smooth results with minimal noise.

If you see any overloading here, smart sensing automatically senses it and informs you regarding the overloading. So, you would be using it more carefully, with the recommended weight.

If you are not sure which wash program will offer the best result, let the machine decide. This machine comes with a self-balance feature, which ensures a normal good wash.

The self-cleaning feature has become the norm in a washing machine these days. This machine features this as well. You can get an automatic wash of the drum as a left-over tangle in the washing machine tub and mixed with the next laundry. So, with the self-cleaning feature, you never have this problem, ever.

8. IFB 6 kg  Front Loading Washing Machine

IFB 6 kg  Front Loading Washing Machine ReviewIf you are really hunting for a washing machine that renders optimum performance without cutting off the features, your hunt ends here.

This is one of the best IFB products and comes under a lesser price range than other products. The machine, by all means, great value for the money. You get an 800 rpm spinning speed under 1000 prices.

The machine offers almost all features that household uses. The extra bells and whistles have been put off; all focus is given to the performance and functionality.

This machine ranks at the top if you see the wash programs. A wide range of wash programs has been given to select from. A user can have any wash program as per the laundry type and textures. In our list of top best washing machines under 20,000, you see no one houses this many wash programs.

The machine houses a smooth crescent moon on the drum surface. This technology makes your washing smoother and consistent. This technology creates a gentle water cushion that prevents damage to the fabrics.

The IFB washing machine offers you a great feature. You add the missed laundry after the wash program kicks off. The Aqua Energie feature this machine holds promotes the overall dissolving of the detergents. The filter treatment dissolves detergent better than any other wash.

The IFB’s latest offering offers a 2D wash system. This feature uses a shower system to ensure thorough soaking and cleaning wash. Finally, last but not least, the Ball Valve technology this machine offers keeps the detergent. The technology offers you great use of detergent and enhances wash.

Using the machine, you get an automatic redistribution of unbalanced clothes. It helps the machine goes through the overall cleansing process smoother and consistently. The machine offers 4-years overall warranty and a 10-year motor warranty. This is what you want from a brand, a prevalent warranty with a wide service network.

9. IFB 6.5 kg Top Loading Washing Machine

IFB 6.5 kg Top Loading Washing Machine ReviewOne of the best-selling products which feature bundles of amazing functions and render optimum wash experience is the IFB front-runner.

This machine is known for its crescent moon drum technology which really brings forth amazing results. The stainless steel-made drum and other dozens of features help the machine rank one of the finest products available.

IFB has always done a great job in making its products stand out. For instance, you see here the innovative technology for rubbing the clothes. This helps out to get rid of the toughest stains possible.

The Triadic Pulsator features soft scrub rubber, adding hands with Swirl jets and center punch to produce maximum results.

The IFB offers a splendid 3D wash System that rotates in 360-degree motion while spraying water in all directions. This washing machine renders 8 different wash programs. You get any kind of clothes and have them washed perfectly by switching to the given wash programs.

The machine also features a different water level selection sensing system. This comes with an 8 water level selection to help you out in using the desired water level. The IFB front runner also features an auto bleach and a Softener dispenser.

The lint filters and crescent moon conjunctionally improves the overall results. The machine also owns an Aqua energy function. This treats hard water and makes it useable. The machine also offers an Auto balancing laundry system. The unbalance and scattered laundry will automatically detect and redistributed. This helps the machine to work smoothly, with no hiccups.

High voltage protection is something an expensive electronics product must-have. This ensures that the minimum required voltage is made available for the gadget.

The voltage handler ensures a smooth flowing of the required voltage even at low or high voltages. Wide LED display to showcase good looks and offer great functionality, so what else you demand a top-loading washing machine under 20,000.

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Washing Machine Buying Guide

Washing machines are hefty investments. I always do deep research before purchasing one. If you do not, your investment may land in a poor or sub-standard washer. I have mentioned to you the best fully automatic washing machines under 1000 SAR in Saudi Arabia.

You can choose one as per your requirements and usage. This guide will help you in purchasing and understanding washers better. You would know which features make a washer stand along with your requirements.

If you still are confused and looking around for someone to help you, have this guide. Read every letter of it, in the end; you would be clear about the washer you need to buy.

The capacity of the washer

You need to know the maximum weight of clothes you wash in a month, week, or daily. If you are single or living with 2-3 family members, the 5-6KG washing machine will fit your needs. For a 5-6 or more family, you need to look for a higher water capacity, such as 7-8KG.

I have seen people purchasing lower capacity washing machines nevertheless with a larger family. You will have to repeat the washing cycles, overburden the machine’s functionality.

So, always look for a washer as per your capacity and needs. Do not put overburden on the gadget, and always use it as per the recommendations.

Type of washer

I think you would know the type of washing machine you want to buy. You are spending 20,000; you are expecting the latest generation washer rather than semi-automatic washers. Though semi-automatic washing machines fit the needs, you are up to something advanced.

You need to be precise about the type of washing machine. Speak out your heart, and always demand what you really need. If you want a front-load washing machine, the latest generation is washers, go with it, best to do any type of laundry.

For top-loaders, you get quicker results and almost the same features at a lesser price. Always be precise about what you need, do not bush around.

Wash Programs

Wash programs allow you to switch the desired program and get the laundry done. For the people who do not want to put extra effort into the washing process, get the dedicated wash programs per their laundry needs.

For example, if you are washing delicate clothes, an expensive one, and want your clothes to be treated nicely. This option would help you a lot in getting washing perfect.

Some washing machines come with three basic wash programs. Some offer a wide range of wash programs, as many as 16. That much, though, would not help you, but confusing.

So, always have what you can deal with; having 6-8 wash programs is ideal for washing machines. I have had a washer with 22 wash programs, and it was so much confusion about which one is better to do a particular laundry.

Heater and Hard water

The Automatic washing machines come with integrated heater and hardware features. Though they do not offer the functionality as promised, these features still have this feature at some level helps.

Having a dedicated heater in a washer always offers you something extra to do with your clothes. The warm water assists the washer in removing the stubborn stain.

Washing out the dirtiest clothes using warm water always do wonders. I always look at this feature in an automatic washer as I am spending a whopping amount.

The same goes for hard water dealing software. I have seen washers rendering zero to none performance in hard water conditions. This feature sometimes is placed just to glorify the overall profile of a gadget.

So, before looking and having this feature, ensure that this feature really works or not.

Spinning speed

The washing machine’s motor is one of the prominent features. In the end, this is the motor what performs and help other function to operate if the motor performance is not up to the impressive criteria or renders less spinning cycle, overall functionality impacts.

The spinning speed is directly related to the capacity of the washer. If you see a washer with 700 rpm speed at 5KG capacity, that’s perfect. You can have all functions working smoothly, seamlessly.

If the same spinning speeds, you see for 10KG washing machine capacity. The washer would not offer any good. You will have lots of running, spinning, and other functionality issues in the end. The washing machines with higher RPM, the quicker they will function and dry the clothes.

Time-delay feature

This feature helps many who do not like washing machine noise or have no time to get this done. This function helps you load the clothes into it, and after you set the programs, the machine will run after some delay.

Some washer offers 3-15 hours delay; some come with 24 hours delay function. This is a handy option; you get the machine running when you are not at home.


With this feature, you have to soak your clothes for a specified period before actual washing. You can have this feature for any washing cycle or washing program, and it begins automatically if you set it.

LCD or Control panel

Larger displays are better to understand and read. They convey more meaningful messages and renders greater performance.

I have seen many washers enlisted also display the time left until the cycle is completed. You can witness the washing stage and wash program etc.

Q: Which one is a better top load washing machine or front load washing machine

Ans:  Both top-loading and front-loading washers are great to deal with any kind of laundry. Both come with some pros and cons, and it depends upon a user’s need which one he/she needs.

If you are experiencing lesser power and water availability in your area, having a front-load will do no good. Front-load washers consume more water compared to the top-load and energy as well.

On the other hand, the front-loading renders a better wash experience and takes care of the texture and shine of your expensive clothes.

Both are ideal; it largely depends on what you want and which conditions you face in the region. If you see the low-voltage issue or hard water problem, the front-load often comes equipped to tackle this kind of issue.

But, if you see no such problem as mentioned, water-abundance, and want something state-of-the-art, can spend money and then go with a front-loader. It is the latest generation of the washer and features advanced technology.

Q: Why are front load washing machines more expensive than top load ones?

Ans: Front-loading often features state-of-the-art technology with an abundance of features. They often come with hardware dealing, integrated heater, voltage stabilizer, and much more.

These are the features that stash up and increase the price. On the other hand, in top-loading, we rarely see these features.

Q: Why front-loading washing machines consume less water than Top-loaders?

Ans: The washing machines consume a great amount of water to wash. The front-load washing machine is famous for consuming less water than its top-loading counterparts. It has been witnessed by reading the reviews; the users are given a better rating to the front loaders for efficient water use.

The front-loading, though, does not kick off before setting a certain level of water. Front-load comes with varieties and features which are great to consume a lesser amount of water. The top-loaders often lack those features and deal with water directly.

Q: Which washing machine uses more Detergent?

Ans: The front-load washing machines use more detergents compare to the top-loading. The front-load often comes with a handy feature that recommends detergent uses in a specific washing cycle as per your laundry weight.

Front-load offers a thorough cleansing and takes more time; that’s why we use more detergents than our other counterparts.

Q: Why does anyone buy top-loading washing machines when front-loading ones use far less water and electricity?

Ans: The top-loading washing machines have their own benefits. They come equipped with agitator technology, thus spend lesser time in getting the job done. They are quick, can function even at low water pressure, and often deal with a larger volume of clothes.

They are easy to maintain, and for Saudi Arabia, they are top-sought due to only this add-on. The user reviews have revealed that the front-loading is difficult to maintain and operate.

Top-loading washers are less expensive than front-loading; a user has to pay a lesser amount of money. These are some key difference which makes the top-loading a better option for users.

The Final Thought

The washing machines are a crucial part of household tasks. It helps us getting done the laundry, faster and quicker. I have listed out the top 10 washing machines under 1,000  in Saudi Arabia. I hope this guide will help in purchasing a good product as per your needs.

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