Front Load vs Top Load – The Complete Comparison Guide

Front Load vs Top LoadWhen you think about life-changing technology devices or inventions, what comes to your mind- Probably communication devices, computers, or medical advancements? What about the washing machine- an invention that wholly changes the face of traditional cloth washing.

Think about it, the last time you washed your laundry or clothes manually? Maybe you have not seen anyone doing laundry using hands- washing machines do the entire job quite efficiently.

The washing machine is one of the most important inventions of the 20th century. The device is responsible for giving women an unprecedented amount of freedom, as they do not spend hours doing laundry. The device widespread in the 20th century; initially, only the elite class could afford it.

As of now, about every home in Saudi Arabia owns a washing machine, bigger or smaller. The time-saving miracle device has an enormous impact on our daily lives. With the advancement of technology, washing machines’ design, shape, and features have also gone through a transition phase.

The latest form of the washing machine is not less than a miracle that helps you doing laundry and dries them off using an inbuilt dryer. You put on your dirty clothes in simple words, the machine washes them, dry them, and you get clean, sparkling, and bright clothes without doing anything physically.

Let’s see how the washing machines have gone through the transition phase and their most advanced form. If you are planning to purchase a washing machine, stick to the page and read the guide.

Types of Washing Machines

Washing machines come in different sizes, shapes, features, and prices. You need to look at your budget before opting for any of the types.

There are two types of washing machines Semi-automatic and Fully-Automatic. Semi-automatic washing machines feature manual operations and integrate fewer advanced features. Yes, the latest form of semi-automatic washing machine features a separate dryer. You will have to take off the clothes manually from the washing tub and put them on in a drying tub.

The washing machine with a separate washing tub and drying tube is considered semi-automatic. The fully automatic washing machine cleanses, rinses, and dry clothes in one section. The automatic machines can further divide into top-loading and front-loading washing machines.

In a separate post, we have explained the difference between semi-automatic vs. fully automatic washing machines. If you want to read a detailed post about this difference, you can check the Semi-Automatic vs. Fully Automatic post.

1. Top Loading Washing Machines

The washing machines which are loaded from the top are called top-loading washing machines. The type of washing machine is not the latest but comes integrated with robust design and sturdy built. The washing machines own the capability to wash and dry clothes off fewer in one section or tub.

These washing machines are considered very hard on clothes and remove stubborn and toughest stains from the clothes. The washing machines also take load higher than front-loading and come in hands relatively lesser price range.

The top-loading washers usually feature paddles, no agitators on the side of the drum. The top-loading washing machines are less expensive; even a novice would handle the device without any big hiccup. Let’s look at the features of a front-load washing machine in detail.

Spacious Washing Tub

Top load washing machines, as stated, come with a top-loading washing tub. Users put their laundry using the top door, which usually has a larger washing tub or washing basin. Using that door, you can put more clothes into the unit at one time and run with heavy laundry.

If you deal laundry in abundance with the dirtiest clothes, you should go with Top-loading. The machines consume less energy, and economical washing you perceive.

More Water consumption

Some say front-load washing machines consume less water, and some otherwise. But, as per my research, the top-loaders consume water, as you have not to deal with the water level here. At the same time, the front-loader needs a specific water level to function.

Electricity Consumption

Top-loaders consume less amount of energy- they integrate with lesser advanced features, thus spends a minimal amount of energy compared to front-loaders. If you are the one who wants to go through economical washing, get a top-loader washer.

Less Expensive

Top-loaders are less expensive. They do not come with bells and whistles; they only house the most essential and required features to go through cleansing. So, you can expect a less-price range from them.

Spin Cycles

You get a lesser range of spin cycles and washing types. For standard washing or going through the laundry, you do not require that many washing cycles.

As long as spin cycles are concerned, you can repeat the spin cycle and gets your required results without feeling low that you do not own a front-loader.

Washing Programs

The top loader features fewer wash programs, but the featured programs would make you go through cleansing and washing without any problem. I must say, the featured wash programs in a top-loader are more than enough for washing clothes.

The Long Term Cost of Ownership

The top loaders withstand wear and tear. You expect them last year without any significant servicing or replacement. If you are the one who cannot deal with the hiccups of front-loading services, you must not go with them. The front-loaders are challenging to deal with services, and they do not last long for years.

Can Add Clothes Mid-cycle

One of the most appealing benefits of having a top loader, the facility of adding extra clothes in mid-cycle; you cannot open a front-loader in a mid-cycle and expects it would stop itself after the cycle ends.

Ease of use

A top loader washing machine is easy to use. A blessing in disguise, it does not include a house advance feature, which makes it difficult to operate.

The washer features fewer nuts and bolts, with few controlling options and buttons. You do not have to deal with a plethora of control options.

Additionally, for older people, the machines are a one-stop shop. You have not to bend while loading the machine; you prefer the people who do not want to bend the body while loading the machine.

This is why the washer is widely used around the world, compared to the front-loading washing machines.

Advantages of Top Loading Washing Machine

  • The top-loading washers are more convenient to use. Users do not have to bend to load and unload clothes.
  • You can add clothes in the mid-way cycle, right after starting the cycle
  • The top loaders also collect the lint and distribute the fabric softener better than a front loader
  • The top loader often houses an agitator, which tends to wash clothes quicker than the front loader. The main reason becomes as the clothes immersed continuously in the water tub
  • Yes, the top loader takes more loads compare to front-loaders. You can add larger laundry items such as pillows, linens, and others.
  • You get the top-loading washing machine in less price range.
  • They consume less energy and less water.
  • The top loader spends less time washing clothes compare to front loaders.

Disadvantages of Top Loading Washing Machine

  • Consume more water and detergent
  • Less energy efficient in warm water
  • Louder than normal front loader washer
  • Can create a significant amount of lint
  • Hard on clothes, often tangle the clothe with the washing tub
  • It does not come with an integrated heater
Note: Not all top loader features agitator technology. The technology is world-known for better and quicker washing. On the other hand, some high-tech top loader also features an impeller technology, which often integrates with a front loader. This tech helps to get cleaner; softer results compare to top loaders.

2. Front Loading Washing Machines

If you want to add value to your laundry life, and if you can afford it, front-load washing machines are the best option to choose. Ever since the front loading washing machines have made their comeback in the latest 90’s everyone is confused, which is the better option. The front-loading washing machines boast unique features and advanced option, really sweep the top loader from the roots.

The new high-efficiency front-loading washers are a need of every household nowadays. The buyers also look for an advanced and more convenient option, which is why front-loading takes their shares around the world.

Front loading washing machines take the load from the front door. They come equipped with a built-in heater, filter, lint-collector, and equalizers. You see them featuring the world’s most advanced features, which positively add to your laundry life.

Let’s dig deep and look into the features of a front load washer.

Efficient Washing

If you have to deal with delicate clothes more often, a top-loader may disrupt your entire washing experience. The front-loaders are soft on delicate clothes and use impeller technology to clean and rinse laundry. The drum integrates into front loaders would never tangle your laundry. Thus you would get no stretching and tear of your expensive laundry.

Spin Cycle and Wash Programs

The front-loader takes time to go through the laundry. But, you get fruitful results in the end. You get clean, vibrant, shining clothes with removed all stains. The front loader often features more than a dozen wash programs to customize the washing experience.

If you are dealing with relatively delicate and soft clothes, switch on the wash program and get a thought cleansing without any fear of tangling and stretching. If you need a washer with complete customized options, you must opt with the Frontloader washers.

Electricity and Water Consumption

Yes, the front-loader features advance cleansing options, thus takes the higher load in terms of power. But, if the integrated features are used wisely, they cut down your power bills. For example, if you could use an integrated heater before actual washing and cleansing. It will lower down the wash cycle, thus will consume less energy.

Speaking about water consumption, nothing is definite. In some cases, it has been recorded that the front-loader consumes less water. But, they need constant water connection and would not operate if a certain water level is not achieved. If you are facing water shortages in your area, think twice before getting one.

Warm Water

The front-loader, the most advanced form of washers, features heaters. The heaters help you get warm water without going through any hiccup. You can get your clothes washed in warm water, leading to a better and efficient cloth washing experience.

Voltage Controller

Some high-tech top loader also features the same Voltage Controller luxury. But, even with the high-tech top loaders, the technology reaches its full throttle in a front loader.

The front loader often features a voltage controller, which helps you wash with no fear of motor-burning due to voltage fluctuations.

Seamless Quieter Wash Experience

The front loader is a quieter washing machine. You can use them anywhere at your home, without any fear of noise. Even if someone’s sleeping around, he/she would not even notice a running washing machine.

Higher Spin Speed, More Efficient Drying

In the top-loader, the clothes remain moisturized. The front-loader is an efficient dryer as its spin speed is higher than top loaders.  You would not get any moisture clothes even after getting it done using a dryer.

I have been hearing from you guys about the two mentioned questions. Today, I decided to nail the issue in the related post.

How long do front load washers last?

As per the latest reports and consumer surveys, the average lifespan of a washer, whether the front loader or top loader, is 14 years. This is accumulated with the usage percentage; the higher the usage, the lesser the life expectancy.

Overloading is the biggest issue a washer faces. When you enhance the load, the breakdown starts to begin.

But, when it was surveyed and checked separately, the lifespan of a front-loader found shrunk. With ideal maintenance and average load per the recommendations, a front-loader stayed at least 8-10 years. If you put them in good condition and put a lighter weight, you can increase the lifespan.

Why is front loading washing machine costly?

Yes, front-loading washers cost more than the top loaders. Front-loaders are premium loaders, an advanced form of the washing machine that features the latest function and technology. And you pay for those advanced features, water-filter, integrated heater, and other nuts and bolts. This is why they cost arms and legs, due to the reason, most people opt with top loader.

Advantages of Front Loading Washing Machine

  • Energy-efficient when washing in warm water, as water helps the machine kick off the hardest stains without spending any more energy.
  • Use significantly less water (in some cases)
  • Quieter with less vibration, you would not notice any noise of it even in sleep.
  • It comes with lots of advanced washing programs to customize your washing experience. Put your laundry using already customized wash programs.
  • Increased number of washing cycles
  • Cleanse the laundry thoroughly without damaging the external texture of the clothing. The front-loaders are indeed good at dealing with delicate clothes.
  • It comes with higher spin speeds and efficient drying
  • Do not create many lines from the clothes; if any are there, the lint collector efficiently gathers them.
  • Looks sober and take less space in a home
  • They come with a voltage controller, which helps the machine to receive a constant flow of voltages.
  • Cleanse better than top loaders, as they come with more washing programs, dedicated washing features.
  • The higher spin speeds extract moisture from wet loads, cut down on drying time.

Disadvantages of Front Loading Washing Machine

  • They are expensive to purchase. As per the consumer surveys, about 70 percent of washers tend to prefer top loaders just because they come in hands at a low price.
  • Extended wash cycles, sometimes longer than 30 minutes
  • Difficult to install and repair
  • Not an easy to use the gadget for illiterate households
  • Cannot add laundry in mid-way cycle
  • The gadgets share a lesser life expectancy; even if you follow all the guidelines, they will not last more than 8-10 years.

Comparison Between Top loading vs. Front loading

Top Loaders Front Loaders
It takes more load in one cycle It takes less load in one cycle
Consumes more water Consumes less water
Consumes less energy Consumes more energy
No heater (Some brands do) Integrated heater
No built-in heater Built-in heater
Shorter spin cycle Longer spin cycle
Add laundry mid-cycle No laundry addition
No voltage controller Voltage controller
Not quite at all Quieter option
Clothes remain moisture Clothes completely dry
Longer life expectancy Shorter life expectancy
Fewer wash programs Dozens wash programs

Final Thought

If a front-loader fits your home, and you can afford it, having it is a better option. It removes hard stains more easily and quickly without harming the texture of your clothes. They use less water and energy- features a good range of advanced functions. They come to sober-design, and you get lots of other facilities owing them.

If a front-loader is that good, why audience love top-loaders, about 70% of the total population in Saudi Arabia prefer having a top-loader, and there are obvious reasons for that. They come with a handful of features, easy to operate, secure maintenance, and less expensive.

So, both are good to go; it depends upon your personal need and requirements. Both own advantages and drawbacks; you need to see what falls right on your criterion, conditions, and budget.

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