Intex 6.2 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine Review

Are you looking for the best Intex washing machine in Saudi Arabia? Yes, Intex washing machines are the topmost ranked and followed a brand in the washing machine world. You get out of a box solution to every one of the problems. Even the rates are great, and you get longer span durability in the mentioned brand’s products.

Intex 6.2 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine is a nice fit machine for a family of 2-3 members. This machine can endure the 6.2 kg load without any resistance. Even longer clothes such as curtains and linen would get a fine tine washing with consuming lesser loads and water. You get two washing programs, and it even works at 55-degree Celsius water temperature with 89 percent spin efficiency.

It equips with an ABS control panel, PP cabinet and pp Pulsator, and a transparent washing-tub lid. Just have a bird’s eye view of the key features before placing an order.

Key Features

  • Wash Capacity 6.2 KG
  • Spin capacity 5 KG
  • Rust-free plastic body
  • ABS control panel
  • Was timer from 5 minutes to 15 minutes
  • It comes in two wash programs
  • Integrated with a lint collector
  • Water Temperature available 55 degree
  • Spin Speed 1320 rpm
  • Rated Wash Power 340 Watts
  • A unique feature of Spin Air Dry
  • It comes with big wheel castor
  • Integrated shock-free mechanism
  • Washing impeller design


Intex 6.2 kg Washing Machine ReviewThe overall quality and design are well-built. You see a muscular washing machine in sober color scheming under a good price range. At the control panel, you see four buttons to control the functioning. The first ranges the washing time, the second provides the type of washing, and the third offers you the spinning of the clothes in the drying section for drying.

The two adjacent sections, one dedicated to the washing and the second, resonated with the drying. On the backside, you see the water outlet and the power chord option. For mobility, Intex has integrated the small wheels. The rolling castors, though they cannot perform 360-degree swivel, still great for two-directional mobility.


This semi-automatic top loading washing machine has garnered lots of appreciation worldwide due to its low price range and higher performance production. This comes with the ABS control panel and PP cabinet. The water inlet selector allows you to control the water capacity and fill it in as per your requirements. You can go with less amount of water if you wish.

The integrated PP Pulsator gives a new boost to the overall washing experience; the transparent lid is something to count in. Even more than the mentioned weight can throw it in, the load capacity is something to appreciate, and this works with no complaints. The top spinner drains the water swiftly; you get a completely dry cloth, no need to spread it.

The Features

I was reading the reviews, and somewhere I found the price could have been lowered than this. I think you cannot produce a quality semi-automatic washing machine with a built-in dryer even in this price range. This would be the cheapest washing machine with an in-house dryer.

In-house Dryer

Expecting a good dryer in the asked price range is something unfound. Herewith the Intex latest offering, you get a house dryer. The weight capacity of it lies between 5-6KG, and you get complete dry clothes in the end. The spinner switch just in the upward direction gives you control of the spins of the dryer.

Unique Impeller Design

You get a unique impeller washing design with this Intex washing machine. Yes, this is something we must count, as impeller washing design has largely been accepted and followed the method of washing hard cloths. With the PP Pulsator and transparent Lid, the washing-tub section wreaks havoc.

Larger Wash Tub

You get a larger washer tub. The larger tub means you get larger space to get your clothes cleaned in a lesser span of time. The complete water drainage helps you to get sheen clothes with dirty water exit. This helps the odds smell from the clothes, and you get complete germs-free cloth washing in your hands.

Three Wash Programs

You get two wash programs

  1. Gentle
  2. Normal
  3. Hard

You get the desired wash programs as per your requirements, such as the delicate and expensive clothes that should be chosen to wash in gentle washing programs, and like that.

Lint Collector

You would not get a pipe-jammed issue ever. There has been given in-built Lint collector which collects the removed fibers from the clothes.

The Final Thought

This would be the most affordable price range that you get in the shape of this washing machine. I bet you cannot have a better price range and ample features. The washing machine is a go-ahead for a small family and does washing and drying equally great.

Though the lack of advanced features may find you not purchasing it, you cannot expect child lock features and others in that range.

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