Best LG Washing Machines in Saudi Arabia 2021

Best LG Washing MachinesLG is one of the leading electronics consumer products manufacturing brands in Saudi Arabia and across the globe. The brand sets the bar high for other electronics brands due to their competitive prices, customer care, and powerful products. In the industry of Washing machines, you would see no near competition for the brand. In Saudi Arabia, people love to grab the products manufactured by it, and there are evident reasons for that.

The brand never stopped innovating its products and offers washing machines in wide arrays of size and capacity. Whether you are a single looking for a small drum featuring a washer or a family with 6-7 members looking for a 9KG washer, the brand would never disappoint you. If you look at the brand’s contribution in making the washers a more comfort-oriented household item, it will sweep others from the root.

LG was the brand that came up with the idea of two washing drums. Before this, we had been using one wash drum and a dryer combo. Twin washing drums is a new introduction in the world of the washer to rinse through large and heavy soiled clothes such as curtains, linens, and others. On the other hand, a small tub to go through delicate clothes such as inner garments, scarfs, shirts, saree, and others.

LG is the brand that introduced 6 motion DD technologies. Before this, we were confined to use 3D motion technology. With 6 motion DD tech, you get water from all around and receive a better-rinsed cloth at the end of the cycle.

So, if you get a chance to buy an LG washing machine in Saudi Arabia, would you skip the chance? Of course not; the after-sale services of the brand have made the Saudi audience purchase from it.

Here we are with a list of top LG manufactured washers. The enlisted washers are best as per their sizes and prices.  You would not be able to find better washing machines than them. So, have your hands on any of them as per your budget range and size requirements.

Best LG Washing Machines

Here are the best LG washing machines available in Saudi Arabia;

1. LG 6.5 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

LG 6.5 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine ReviewIf you are the one who cannot afford to have a hiccup of using a fully automatic washing machine, getting a semi-automatic would be a wise option to go with. The LG has something extra and out of the box to fill your bill.

The mentioned 6.5KG washer can go through the laundry of a family with 2-3 members easily. LG brand has installed so many advanced and cutting edge features that you would love to wash your clothes using it.

You get 3 separate wash programs. You get a customized wash experience. Go through your hard clothe and delicate clothes using a dedicated wash program. The washer comes installed with a 1300 rpm spin cycle motor. This increased spin speed level would amaze you and make you do your laundry in a shorter span of time than other fully automatic washers.

LG’s front-runner features a roller Jet Pulsator. The Pulsator tech enables the machine to rotate the laundry inside at maximum speed. The more the rotation, the better the friction and produce an effective wash experience. The collar scrubber integration has made it knock off the hardest ever stains. You do not need to worry about the amazing stains that never go away using the fully automatic washer. Just put them inside and switch the hard clothes wash programs, and see the magic.

LG’s 6D motion technology will rotate your laundry in six different directions. This will make the machine remove off the hardest stains in a single wash. You get faster and better at rinsing as well as drying. As per the LG’s claim, the washer will dry your clothes p to 30-40 % faster than drying on putting the line.

2. LG 6 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

LG 6 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine ReviewDo you really want to experience a beast manufactured by LG? LG 6 KG inverter’s fully automatic front loader is there for you. The machine is fully adorned with every possible latest technology tool you can ever see. You can have a better washing, rinsing, and drying experience than ever.

As I have mentioned, the 6D motion technology was innovated by LG. The machine is running, proof of that. The cloth washed using this washer would speak for itself. The machine features LG inverter technology which means you would not hear any sound of running the washer. The machine uses no belt and pulley. The motor runs the drum directly attached, which reduces the noise to a marginal level, and saves your clothes from wearing and tearing.

It is a fully waterproof washer. You would not have to worry about using it with wet hands. The waterproof touch panel, the waterproof body, would make you use it the way you want. The touch panel is something mesmerizing and adding to your environment. The seamless design of the washer will enhance the overall look of your decor.

The memory back feature allows it to remember the cycle from where it had stopped. You do not need to start over from the first cycle after the power comes back. Just let the machine do its job, and you get the whitest of the white cloth at the end of the cycle.

This LG washer is famous for being hard on stubborn stains. You get your customized washing at the desired water temperature. Switch to any water temperature mentioned and remove any stains without any hiccup. This is the LG washer, and you get full-proof customer care. If you really want to purchase something which could run for a decade, have the model at your doorstep.

3. LG 6.2 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

LG 6.2 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine ReviewIf you are looking for a washer with a prolonged lifespan at fewer prices, this is the unit for you. LG’s model has something powerful and durable to offer. You will have a dedicated washer for years without seeing any damage or servicing. The washer shares a motor with BMC protection, surrounded by powerful metal-made protection. It leaves no room for dust, insects, and humidity to damage the motor.

The washer features 700 rpm spin speed which means you see a good spin cycle. The higher the spin cycle reduces drying time you get. LG’s hallmark turbo drum is going to prove its magic. The drum renders optimistic level performance and removes the toughest stains and dust with a strong water stream rotating it from different directions.

The punch three water streams to move your clothes thoroughly within the drum, mix the laundry and kick off the stains out of it within no time. The machine comes with a built-in auto-restart feature. When the power goes, you will not have to worry about initiating the whole process from the beginning. Just let the machine do its job, and you will have a satisfactory result in the end.

LG’s 6.2 KG inverter fully automatic top loading machine features an inverter. You know the meaning and magic of having an inverter on board. It means you will get a noise-free washing experience. The smart diagnosis application features something unique to render. Install the application, connect the machine and diagnose the error. You will have about the response from the manufacturer, and without having an expert on board, you get your issue solved.

The smart lid showcases a sober look of the washer. The glass-made lid takes time while closing; no shock closing lid experience.

4. LG 8.0 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

LG 8.0 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine ReviewIf you are looking for a quality built washer with a mesmerizing washing experience, the unit falls right on your criterion. LG 8.0 kg semi-automatic washing machine offers a robust built and splendid brand value. The product is expensive than other semi-automatic washers, but its exceptional functionality, durability power-packed performance make it the viable option to opt with.

The washer houses 8KG capacity, which means it can easily tackle the hiccup of laundry of a large family with 5-7 members. The washer comes with 3 basic wash programs. You will get a dedicated wash program as per your laundry type The roller Jet Pulsator featuring a washer is something to tackle the heavy and large clothes without any problem. If you need to go through some curtains or linens, feel free to have the magic machine onboard.

The washer features a spin speed of 1000 rpm with a 360W power motor. The Wind Jet Dry feature integrated into it removes the moisture immediately, and you receive fully dried clothes in the shortest span of time. The company’s claim reduces the drying time to a marginal level, about 30-40 percent faster drying than putting them on the drying line.

The collar scrubber provides scrubbing of cuffs and collars. You will not have to spend time scrubbing collars and cuffs by hand, thus saves lots of your time. The lint collector in the machine collects the fiber residue. The collector detached the fluffs and saved you lots of time in opening the clog.

Final Thoughts 

LG is a brand known for its consumer-oriented features. You would see the Saudi audience loving to have the washing machine manufactured by LG due to the only reason. LG knows the needs and requirements of the Saudi audience and adorns the washers as per the Saudi conditions.

The products manufactured by LG are powerful and customer-oriented. You see it producing a wide range of washers in types and sizes. Here you get a chance to grab the best product as per your need and aesthetic sense.

So, if you really want to have something powerful to tackle your laundry needs, LG products are powerful enough to endure that load. I hope the guide will help you pick the best LG washing machine in Saudi, and you will have the desired durable washer to go through washing for sure.

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