Samsung 13 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Review

Samsung 13 Top LoaderSamsung, the biggest electronics brand around the globe, deprives the provision of optimum services to the users with innovatively designed products. You say Smartphones, kitchen appliances, washing machines, and others; all are ranking on the top.

Samsung is not a novice brand in the washing machine world; we have seen the various designs and sizes of the semi-automatic machines world. Now, you see the latest offering Samsung 6.2KG fully automatic machine with the top-loading feature. This machine features six different wash programs, and you have nothing to do manually by having this. So, let’s review this model and see what Samsung offers with this new model in a washing machine zone.

Key Features

  • Six wash programs
  • Wobble technology to gently care of your delicate clothes
  • Tempered glass lid
  • Magic filter gathers lint and fabrics remaining
  • Eco tub cleaning to offer full-throttle cleaning
  • Diamond Drum
  • The waterfall’s new technology indulges in giving more clean water for rinsing and cleaning.
  • Air Turbo features help to dry clothes rapidly
  • Washing capacity 6.2kg
  • Spin Cycle 700 RPM
  • Easy to use and access control panel
  • Anti-rat cover


For Samsung products, you see the design has been taken care of very much. You see the Samsung mobile phones, Samsung Air conditioner, and other leading electronics products. Here as well, you see a compact design with sturdy quality. The front door of the machine is built with tempered glass to view through the glass.  You see no scratches or breaking of this glass ever owing to sturdy built.

The Diamond technology design of the inner tube takes care of your cleansing very carefully. The diamond shape has just been added to give them a perfect-looking machine. The overall chassis is plastic with silver-gray and black color. The controls on the dashboard are easy and accessible. You can view all controls, read them, and can get the right use of them.


This is a 6.2KG front-loading washing machine, a fully automatic. I found this washing machine a power-house of performance. It produces optimum level performance using less power and water compared to its counterparts. A perfect grab for a 4-5 member family, you get dried clothes using the spinner.

Not only fully automatic but you also get manually controlled functions by programming them differently. Like, if you want the laundry to be washed for 30 minutes, by accessing the manual control, set this time-span and get it done. Its ice-blued LED display gives vivid information; the touch controls are fine-tuned beauty.


Samsung’s fully automatic silver-gray color washing machine comes with some amazing features to expect from no one. You see the features and decide if it falls right on your criteria for an automatic washing machine.

Advanced Cleaning

You see innovative wobble technology in the top-running fully automatic machines of electronics products giants Samsung. This technology gently and softly takes care of your expensive launder leaving no scratches or tangles. You see, in other machines, the laundry gets stuck to the Pulsator, and sometimes during washing, the laundry gets stretches. Here you see no such issue; the wobble technology takes care from the core of the delicate clothes.

Six Wash Programs

Here you witness six wash programs. These wash programs make you use it as per your desire and need. You customize your washing and get any laundry washed during the designed six-wash programs.

Simple Controls

The Samsung washing machine houses a slanted dual-cluster control panel to provide a comfortable wash. This comes with a button on both sides, the ice-blue touch offers your quick response, and you make the right options for the laundry without any hiccup.

Sturdy Built

This washing machine features sturdy built quality using tempered glass. The tempered glass holds no scratches or marks on it, and you see a shining glass all the time. Having this tempered glass makes it easy to see through the tub. The design and overall built make it withstand pressure, damage, and scratches.

Full-throttle Water Spray

The water full technology produces through cleanliness and washing. The full-throttle water sprays ensure the detergent distributed in the water thoroughly and remove the hard stains easily.

Faster Drying

The machine features a 700 rpm spin motor capacity. The higher the spin powers, the faster the drying of the clothes. You get fully dried laundries in the shortest span of time. The machine features an Air Turbo drying system; this drying system rapidly extracts water from the drum and speeds up the process.

Magic Filter

Like the way we have been using a Lint collector in our washing machine, you see a magic filter here in the fully automatic washing machine. The magic filter makes you collect the lints and other dirt.

The Final Thought

You see this machine featuring dozens of advanced controls. You can have fresh and cleaned clothes using the various wash program controls. In a nutshell, this washing is a great option for those who are not interested in the manual or semi-automatic washing machine for carrying out washing routines.

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