Samsung 13 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine Review

Purchasing a good quality washing machine with a bundle of features and optimum performance has always been a great concern. I spend plenty of time hunting for a good-sized washing device as it takes much of my time manually scrubbing and rinsing clothes.

The Samsung 13 kg Semi-Automatic top-load washing machine can be a perfect landing if you spend your time reading its features and functions. This comes with all important features; imperative for a washing machine stands heads and shoulders above. The functions and price of the device are something to ponder about; you are not required to spend a bag of cash in having this electronics gadget produced by Samsung at your doorstep.

Let’s have other characteristics and key features of the mentioned machine.

Key Features

  • Built-in Washboard
  • In-built scrub board to fetch stubborn stains
  • Rustproof body for longer durability
  • Double storm technology for better and faster cleaning
  • Automatic soak and washing
  • Air Turbo Drying System helps you dry harder clothes
  • Buzzer help you reminder washing
  • Integrated Lint collector
  • Integrated Nano Health System
  • Center Jet Pulsator type washing
  • 1000 RPM spin speed
  • 2 KG capacity enough for 3-4 members
  • Three wash programs


Samsung, a famed brand in electronics, has done a fantastic job in designing this washing machine. They took care of Saudi’s weather conditions and come-forth with a rust-proof washing machine body. Herewith Samsung 7.2KG washing machine, you achieve guaranteed durability. The Samsung original warranty also backs the product; any damage to the product would directly go to the company.

Here you get three wash programs, delicate, normal, and hard. Almost all front-runner semi-automatic machine providers have provided the function. You do not get a waterproof control panel; you have to take care before touching it while washing. The extra washer board, nail the scrubbing, and rinsing without any hiccup. You get the board removed and use it to take clothes from one corner to the other.


This Samsung washing machine runs on the center jet flow washing system. This is caused by the center Pulsator, which improves the washing speed by lifting the clothes which fall on the bottom of the surface and getting a thorough cleaning.

The machine makes you wash bigger and harder clothes such as linen, curtains, and other washable objects. Originally, the linen and curtains were washed using separate washers and dryers as they need higher performance and ample load. With the Samsung washing machine, you nail it and get optimum performance.

The Air Turbo system is used to speed dry the clothes, this system spins the drying system at a higher speed, and the dual air intake system draws more air into it to extract more water resulting in better and faster drying clothes.


Immense numbers of features are integrated into this washing machine. You see the Turbo Drying system, separate or integrated washer board, lint collector, rust-proof plastic body, and much more.

Three Wash Programs

You get three different wash programs to help customize washing. You have this feature in almost all washing machines, a stand-out feature to help washing delicate clothes.

Rust-proof Plastic Body

In Saudi Arabia, the weather conditions always compel rust to damage the products. For a gadget which deals with water always, it is quite normal to catches rust. Herewith Samsung washing machine, you get a rustproof plastic body, the chemical mixed in crafting the body repels the rust to damage the machine body.

Thus, you get a longer spanned duration with impeccable performance.


The unequally designed washer-board helps to rinse and scrubbing stubborn and difficult to extract oily stains from your cotton shirts. The washer board helps you manually scrub the stains and cleaned them without any hiccup.

The plastic washer Board can also be used to carry the stuff around. Sometimes you do not want the delicate clothes drying in the dryer; you get them to put in a drying line on the roof or anywhere else. This could be used as a helpful assistant for carrying clothes.

Integrated Silver Nano Health System

The integrated silver Nano health system generates silver ions which remove the bacteria and fungus in cold water. This system halts a shield between the clothes and water and repels them away to produce unwanted odor in your clothes.

About 99.99% of bacteria were removed using the technology; no further proliferation of germs will be required.

Air Turbo Drying System

The machine features an advanced drying system for battery drying. Usually, wet clothes, blankets, and curtains take a long time to dry, in a humid climate especially.

You see the spinner rotating the drum; the dual-air intake fetches more air into it, extracting more water from the clothes. Your clothes dry within minutes without any hiccup or carrying around for putting them on line-drying.


Yes, you get a buzzer system in the machine. Buzzer sometimes plays a good role; we do other household stuff forget about the washing and stuff. The buzzer setup reminds us that something other than this needed you at the moment.

The Final Thought

The double storm technology and Air turbo drying system make the machine stands heads and shoulder above the rest.

The question is, should we spend our hard-earned money on buying this product, could we get superlative performance in our washings?

Yes, you can rely on the machine for years for better washing and drying.

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