Samsung 16 kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine Review

Samsung Top Load Washing Machines, 16 kgSamsung 16 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine review Does it really cost arms and legs to have a quality fully automatic machine? I had been thinking this for five years until I found the Samsung front-runner product.

At first glance, I thought, it’s not fully automatic, or the features are wrongly printed. But, after watching and video and beholding the functions and features in digital display, I decided to give a shot to this machine. This is a personal experience of using this machine, and I can assure you, all mentioned features and functions would actually exercise.

Let’s have a detailed review of the Samsung 16KG Fully-Automatic Front-load washing machine white in color and see why Samsung is so proudly calling it the best home appliance gadget ever produced.

Key Features

  • Six wash programs
  • Diamond-shaped drum
  • Digital Inverter motor to save energy
  • Ceramic heater technology to give a warm water
  • Volt fluctuation mechanism
  • Six 6KG Load Capacity
  • Digital Display
  • Quick wash function
  • Front-loading without bending
  • Beautifully designed


Samsung 16KG washing machine with digital display has produced mind-blowing results of washing rinsing and drying. You get a splendidly designed product in a sober-white color. The front-load design, with dozens of other features add-on, leads to an amazing overall looking.

You see how the dials have been crafted with the wash functions. The dial uses to switch from one function to the other without reading and selecting any hiccup. Before, we had been using switches, which are a pain in the neck as sometimes we forget to switch a function.

The diamond-shaped stainless steel drums actually preferred the type of drums for delicate laundry. The holes sometimes in other machines tangled the dress and give stretches. Here, you see minimized holes to drain water, actually outperform other top-rivals.


This machine brings forth amazing performance. You can rely on this machine for years to get your laundry washed. You get energy consumption, no need to put the voltage controller.

Here the built-in heater produces 60-90 degree centigrade hot water. The ceramic heater does its job and works even in hard water. You know hard water consumes more energy to boil; the ceramic heaters make them reach maximum temperature in the least span of time.


I have not seen such a seamless and sturdy built-in front-runner fully automatic washing machine until now. I am flattered by design and loved the performance from the core of my heart. Just look at the features and see what else we can have in this fully automatic washing machine.

Ergonomic Easy To Understand Dials

I loved the ergonomically designed dials what the washing machine uses here. Samsung did a fantastic job in coming out with something new. Before, we had been using the switches, and they tweak more than often. Rest of life, we had to use a tweaked or broken switch as we cannot claim it after six months. The dial design helps you to turn any function on by just moving it in the direction.

Impressive Drying

The spinner of the washing machine also produces the utmost comfort as it dries the clothes in the shortest span of time. The spin motor works at 1000 rpm; the higher the spin speed, the faster the drying, they say.

Beautifully Designed Digital Display

Yes, Samsung should be applauded, at least for the design of the digital display. The touch controls are splendid. You get the function functioning with a little tap. What else you want from a fully automatic washing machine?

Quick wash function

I have seen people freaking out just because they ran short of time and attended a meeting. The normal machines take at least half an hour to wash and dry. Here you get a quick function option, which provides you with washed dresses within 15 minutes.

Diamond Shaped Drum

The stainless steel diamond-shaped drum with a small water exit protects your expensive clothes not to tangle into the holes. This is gentle fabric care, what Samsung calls it, and I find this really helps the expensive clothes withstand wear and tear.

Digital Inverter Motor Saves Energy

The digital inverter motor saves lots of your energy. It makes you save electricity and billing charges. The digital inverter motor is certified for working twenty years. The Samsung back this motor at least for 10 years.

Ceramic Heaters Technology

You get an integrated ceramic heater technology in this Samsung washing machine. The ceramic heater technology is new, and Samsung would be the only one using it in the washing machine for boiling water.

Volt Fluctuation Mechanism

You are not required to have a dedicated volt controller from now on. Have this machine, and use the integrated volt fluctuation mechanism.

The Final Thought

Do you really want to have a fully automatic washing machine, without thinking much, place an order, and have this fully-functioned, adorned with dozens of advanced functions, Samsung washing machine?

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