15 Best Washing Machines in Saudi Arabia 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Washing Machines in India 2020Purchasing a washing machine is one of the difficult tasks, especially when you are in Saudi Arabia. Still, today we will share a list of the 15 best washing machines in Saudi Arabia in 2021 after days of research and reading thousands of reviews.

A  washing machine is an important aspect of our household needs whether you will remove a small stain on a new t-shirt or your linens that have gone dirty after prolonged usage.

You require a full-fledged, functioning washing machine to get rid of the dirty clothes day-to-day. It is without any doubt a big investment, and you spend a huge fortune on your hard-earned money. When it is about heavy investment, it is for sure that you would not be able to purchase it every other month.

So, it is ideal to go through dozens of products, read reviews and check their different functions before finally deciding on a product. But, you are not a washing machine expert. You are not the one who is experienced in purchasing a washing machine and knows every bit about them. It is really hard to pick one product.

We are intended to provide you a detailed guide and review about the top washing machines in Saudi Arabia.  After days of research, reading thousands of reviews, check their ratings, we have compiled a list of the 15 best washing machines in Saudi Arabia.

Either it’s Fully Automatic or Semi-Automatic, Front Load or Top Load, these washing machines are loaded full of the latest features to help out in your laundry work. I am quite sure; if you read the entire post, you would know which model to purchase after witnessing the features and functions.  So without further ado, here are the Best Washing Machines in Saudi Arabia 2021:

  • LG 6.5 KG (Semi-Automatic)
  • Whirlpool 7 KG (Semi-Automatic)
  • Samsung 7.2 KG (Semi-Automatic)
  • Haier 6 KG (Fully Automatic)
  • Samsung 6.2 KG (Fully Automatic)
  • LG 6.2 KG (Fully Automatic)
  • Whirlpool 7 KG (Top Load)
  • Bosch 6.5 KG (Top Load)
  • IFB 6.5 KG (Top Load)
  • Samsung 6 KG (Front Load)
  • LG 6 KG (Front Load)
  • Bosch 7 KG (Front Load)
  • Intex 6.2 KG (Semi-Automatic)
  • Samsung 6.5 KG (Fully Automatic
  • Bosch 6 KG (Front Load)

Best Washing Machines in Saudi Arabia 2021

Here are the top-rated washing machines here in KSA;

1. LG 6.5 kg – Best Semi Automatic Washing Machine

Best Semi Automatic Washing Machine in IndiaLG needs no recognition. One of the most sought-after electronics brands has made its mark on Saudi markets with its impeccable performing washing machines. The LG 6.5KG washing machine fills the bills for smaller families. It features a roller Jet Pulsator to offer better friction, rotation and rinsing. You get fully cleansed, stains-free laundry at the end of the washing cycle.

The washing machine features three wash programs. It becomes easy for a novice to deal with the wash programs. The three basic wash programs offer great ease, as you can customize your wash experience. The sober-looking washing machine is made of high-quality plastic. It houses a 3mm plastic cover with rat-repellent chemicals. No rat would be stuck into the pipes, and no damage will ever occur.

The LG front-runner washer houses a collar scrubber. You do not need to scrub the cuffs and collars by hand; the scrubber does a great job of getting the hard stains on the specified areas cleaned. It features a lint-collector as well. This portion of the machine will accumulate all left-over links and collect them, not to mix with your clothes.

With an impeccable functioning drier, you can expect 30-40% fast drying of your laundry. The drier integrates into it exceeds your expectation and spellbound you with the performance.

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2. Whirlpool 7 kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine (Atom 70S)

Whirlpool 7 kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine (Atom 70S) ReviewWhirlpool is one of the well-known brands in Saudi Arabia. The products manufactured by the brand have unique, compelling power in Saudi audiences. The brand is aware of the needs and requirements of the market and comes up with something engaging always.

Whirlpool 7 KG semi-automatic washing machine is something that you can rely on for your daily washing needs. It is easy to use and can be installed with the manual help provided by the company. You are not required to have a professional on board to get it installed. For maintenance as well, a local service provider could do the job efficiently.

The specified model comes with a 7KG capacity, enough to deal with the laundry of 4-5 members mainly.  The machine integrates a multi-utility tray. The tray can be used for rinsing, collecting clothes, and taking upstairs to put on the drying line. It features the largest tub compare to the other 7KG models. The tub takes the highest volume of water and allows your laundry to moves freely.

It is rare to behold an in-built memory feature in a semi-automatic washer. The washer features this impeccable function and remembers where the machine stopped in the last cycle. A special scrubber allows you to scrub and rinse the clothes. The hardest stains would never have a presence on your expensive clothes ever after.

3. Samsung 7.2 kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine (WT725QPNDMP)

Samsung 7.2 kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine (WT725QPNDMP) ReviewSamsung is one of the most trusted electronics brands in the world. In Saudi markets, the brands have a loyal fan following.  The Samsung 7.2 KG, a top-loading semi-automatic washing machine, is equipped with many amazing features to save your time doing laundry.

The machine is made of rust-free plastic, and prevents corrosion, renders longer span durability. If you are the one who deals with heavy clothes daily, have this beast onboard and tackle them in one go. The machine houses a dual-jet wash system, which creates enough horizontal and vertical currents in the water to rinse and wash your clothes.

The washing machine ensures deep cleansing without tangling with your expensive clothes. Samsung, with this washer, came up with a multi-utility wash tray. The tray is aimed to provide easy scrubbing and rinsing. You can take the load from the washer to up-stair to put your laundry on the drying lines.

It is boasted with a powerful air turbo drying system. The system intakes dual air and rotates the tub that reduces the drying time rapidly. Its advanced buzzer informs when each washing step is done. The 2-way inner handles make this easy to move from one place to the other without dealing with any great difficulty.

4. Haier 6 Kg – Best Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Best Fully Automatic Washing Machine in IndiaHair’s 6KG fully automatic washing machine is something durable to purchase. Stainless steel-made high-performance appliances will go through the hardest stains in one go. The machine is spacious enough to deal with the laundry of 2-3 members of the family. It is fitted with the most advanced features such as a digital display, control buttons, and the hardest glass lid.

The machine is an exceptional home appliance, and investing in it would never make you disappointed. Hair’s front runner boasts fuzzy logic sensors. The sensors automatically gauge the numbers and weight of the laundry and notify if a higher load is put in it. The stunning memory backup feature will start the washing process from the exact point where it was left. The machine is good to go an option for areas where electricity problem disrupts the washing process.

The innovative digital display, along with a tightened convenience glass lid, will make you feel something innovative you have purchased. The lid is lightweight and designed to open slowly. You would not feel a sudden shock of the closing lid, unlike other so-called top runners.

The rust-free body ensures that no corrosion will see the way to your machine, a long-lasting washing machine you will purchase. In a nutshell, it is a high-performing maximum rotational speed holding, adorned with many advanced features of a washing machine, which you must count on while purchasing a washer.

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5. Samsung 6.2 kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine (WA62M4100HY)

Best Top Load Machine in IndiaSamsung’s 6.2kg fully automatic washing machine is considered one of the best washers in Saudi Arabia. It’s stainless steel-made Pulsator brings forth an advanced and powerful washing performance. The stainless steel-made 6 blades produce a high intensive shower of water through the drum to ensure the hardest stains go away quickly. The washing machine’s drum is scratch resistance, will create no damage to your expensive clothes.

The washer features a magic dispenser. As residual detergents cause many issues for the users, the dispenser will take care of the issue. It ensures that the laundry is rinsed properly and no residual remains. The magic filter will collect all links and fluffs. Those little particles will no longer be mixing with your laundry to ruin the external textures.

The machine boasts a tempered glass lid. This makes you see inside, along with last-longing for years without any scratches or breakings. It is designed to withstand pressure and resistance; no damage will happen to it.

Its built-in eco-clean tub ensures that the loader remains afresh. You need not use any harsh chemicals to clean them, just press the automatic button, and it goes through the self-cleaning without any big issue.

6. LG 6.2 kg – Best Top Load Washing Machine

LG 6.2 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (T7281NDDLG) ReviewLG’s 6.2 KG fully automatic washing machine is a subtle laundry solution for a family of 2-3 members. It is innovated with the latest technology such as Turbo Drum and Smart inverters. You would love to use these features in the machine, as they are the most sought-after features in a washer.

The smart inverter feature enhances the machine’s efficiency and lowers down the vibration and noise. The machine can pull up 740 RPM and features a stainless steel turbo drum. The latest stainless steel drum integrates turbo drum technology. This tech helps your laundry soaked in deep water and rotates them in the opposite direction to remove the hardest stains.

The Punch 3 mechanism houses in the machine use a three-small Pulsator and create water motion in different directions. The washer comes with several wash programs to customize your washing. You would be able to switch any of the wash programs enlisted and go through the laundry without running the texture and look of your expensive clothes.

The machine features an auto-restart function. It lets the machine starts automatically when the power comes without any manual assistance. The cycle will ignite from the same stage from where it was left. Child look feature, a smart closing door will make you happier having this beast on your doorstep.

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7. Whirlpool 7 kg Top Load Washing Machine (702SD)

Whirlpool 7 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (702SD) ReviewWhirlpool has something exceptional to offer if you are planning to purchase a top-loading washing machine without compromising wash quality. The deep clean feature of the washing machine is something out of the box to offer an outstanding rinsing experience. The machine is adorned by dozens of features such as Dynamix, ZPF, and 6th sense.

Whirlpool beast with 740 rpm spin speed and two years warranty on the product offer a spell-bounding drying and washing experience. I loved the simplest control panel. The control panel offers different wash programs with numeric numbering. You get to run any of them, just touching the panel. The machine’s express wash features make you get a 50% faster wash experience.

The Whirlpool front runner comes equipped with scrub pads. The pads knock of the hardest stains and give your clothes the whitest white wash experience. The machine is fruitful in hard-water conditions as well. If your area does not have soft water to wash clothes, the machine will adapt the condition and produce soft water for cleansing. The hard water does not dissolve the detergent and powder; thus, no cloth washing can occur.

The smart sensors integration enables the machine to get a constant flow of voltages without any fluctuations. The voltage fluctuations or power cuts can damage the machine’s motor; the feature houses will save your machine anydamages.

8. Bosch 6.5 Kg Top Load Washing Machine (WOE654W0IN)

Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WOE654W0IN) ReviewBosch is a German brand; you know the quality of German products. The machine is designed to provide a perfect wash experience. Its power Wave Wash system offers the user a magnified washing. The machine features an innovative Pulsator design, which joins hands with dynamic water flow, results in an incredible washing experience. The machine shares an exciting physical feature, such as toughened glass. The glass is made of top-quality material, withstands pressure and heavyweights.

The soft closing lid of it is an innovative way to protect the user’s hands. The sudden fall of the lid causes injuries and shock; the soft lid would offer a soft experience without any noise. The machine offers six color options, a user-friendly control panel, and much more to offer.

The magic filter integration ensures that no threads, fluffs, or fabric waste from the laundry mix with your clothes and ruins their texture. It also prevents clogging. The machine resumes the washing cycle from the point it stopped during the power cut. So, you do not need to worry about the machine will start from the first cycle, etc.

The Child lock feature ensures your kid never gets hurt from the machine or alters its settings. It will start a buzzer whenever someone roams around and try changing things over there.

9. IFB 6.5 kg Top Loading Washing Machine (TL-RDW Aqua)

IFB 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (TL-RDW Aqua) ReviewIFB is another amazing addition to our best top-loading washing machines. The machine features a stainless crescent moon drum which provides water cushioning for clothes. I have been a great fan of IFB washers, as they come equipped with amazing features directed to a better wash.

The machine comes with eight different water level selections to ease your workload. The machine integrates a large LED which magnifies the look of the machine. The machine features an auto bleach dispenser, lint collector, crescent drum, and much more in the row to enhance the wash experience.

The machine features six different wash programs to choose from. You get a dedicated washing for your expensive clothes without running the texture of your clothes.

The machine is adorned with Triadic Pulsator. The soft scrub pads features remove the stubborn stains from the clothes. The powerful Swirl jet feature dislodges dirt from every corner of the fabric. The machine concentrates on high-quality wash experience features best-advanced features.

10. Samsung 6 Kg – Best Front Load Washing Machine

Best Front Load Washing Machine in IndiaSamsung this product has taken over the washing machine market in Saudi Arabia. One of the hottest selling products of Samsung, which features dozens of amazing functions, you would love to have the machine on board, and it comes at a price.

Samsung’s diamond shape drum is something mesmerizing. The drum’s shape has been copied by many renowned brands, as it delivers compelling results. The diamond-shaped drum is best to rinse and wash expensive clothes with no fear of tangling at all. The built-in digital inverter, on the other hand, will amaze you. The digital inverter tech has made the users run a washing machine even near to the bedroom. This lowers down the noise and saves energy.

The ceramic heater integration will make you go through the washing process even with the hard water. The tool reduces the hard-water scale buildup and provides safe water for washing cycles. Samsung never forgets to amaze the users with the seamless designs of its products. The mentioned product has no exception. The seamless design, the premium look will adore your surroundings.

Its carefully design wide control panel, user-friendly display, and impeccable-looking designed button render a spellbound experience. Samsung goes off-route in designing a washing program controller. They develop an ergonomically designed dial that will easily let the user turn the dial and get the desired wash program tuned.

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11. LG 6 Kg Inverter Front Loading Washing Machine (FH0FANDNL02)

LG 6 Kg Inverter Front Loading Washing Machine (FH0FANDNL02) ReviewIf you want to go ahead of time and want to invest in something cutting-edge featured technology, the LG 6KG washing machine is the best grab. The machine is directly connected to the drum without using a pulley or belt. LG inverter direct drive technology has given enough power to the machine to bring forth impeccable washing results. The process consumes less energy, electrical power consumption cut down, and you get efficient results without paying high electric bills.

LG inverter technology has also made the machine less noisy. Many top-notch brands have copied the technology; LG developed the tech very first time in their products. The machine features 6-direction motion technology. Choose a wash program among various, and see the magic of this machine. This moves the water from up-down, right-left in many directions to give your fabric ultra-cleansing.

The drum is made of stainless steel; no bacteria or germs will find the way towards the machine. No rust will take place, and you get a long-lasting washing machine. The machine also features an integrated heater. The heater can provide the machine with warm water up to 85-degree to clean your clothes to remove dirt and stains using warm water.

The Auto-restart feature lets the machine runs from where it stopped. The cycle will start from the same cycle where it had stopped due to power-cut. You do not need to start the cleansing altogether.

12. Bosch 7 Kg Front Load Washing Machine (WAK24168IN)

Bosch 7 Kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine (WAK24168IN) ReviewBosch is an impressive front load washing machine. The washer fills the bill for 3-5 members of the family. The features that I loved the most are its ability to wash clothes within 15 minutes. If you are planned to go somewhere, get your clothes washed within 15 minutes and have spot travel.

The second feature which amazed me is its less noise. The machine merely creates any sound; even the person standing near would not notice a washing machine is functioning. The machine’s display screen made you witness the RPM rates to get to know at which RPM machine is running as of now.

With the machine, at once, you can load up to 8-15 pieces of clothes. It is a weather-specific and cloth-specific machine brand. You can achieve customized washing, put your expensive clothes in it and switch to the desired wash programs. You see it featuring wash programs like Wool, silk, saree, synthetic, daily clothes, and much more. You have a wide range of wash programs to choose from, just turn the dial and get it turned on.

The Vario drum a splendid design on the chest of Bosch. The design is aimed to produce gentle washing without giving stretching or tangling. The users with expensive clothes do not tend to wash those using washers. They have a bad experience of tangling or stretching; the Vario drum would not give any of the signs. The washer is capable of running at the lowest water pressure. This will run on water pressure as low as 0.3 bars. So, what are you looking for now?

Special Washing Machines for Budget Lovers

Washing machines cost arms and legs. It takes a good chunk of our fortune, and if this investment goes wrong, it would be a heavy loss. If you are the one who does not want to take the risk of putting a big amount of money into a washing machine and looking forward to purchasing a cheap budget-friendly washer, we have offered you a list. From the list, you can check the budget-friendly washers.

13. Intex 6.2 kg – Best Washing Machine Under 700

Best Washing Machine Under 10000The mentioned semi-automatic washing machine features a good range of features. If you are the one who goes through the heavy clothes, you cannot get a better option than that. The product comes ready to use, and the user will get it used without any long installation process.

A user would be able to install it without having a professional on board. You would be able to install it by reading the user manual. The machine’s capacity is 6.2KG, capable of handling laundry for 2-3 members of the family.

The washer comes equipped with 2 wash programs. You get a customized washing program, as per your clothes needs. The washer features a sleek and fashionable exterior. You can get a 55-degree Celsius water temperature with 89 percent efficiency.

Your washing experience goes up one notch with smart water level selection. You will get an in-house top spinner, drains water thoroughly.

Note: In case if you are interested here is the complete list of Best Washing Machines Under 700

14. Samsung 6.5 – Best Washing Machine Under 700

Best Washing Machine Under 15000Would not it be a joke if someone tells you that he wanted to purchase a fully automatic washing machine under 15000? No, not now! Samsung has manufactured the washing machine, and believe me; it is a full-fledged washing machine with advanced features.

The washer features the same range of functions as a premium washer by Samsung. It is integrated with the same diamond-shaped drum to provide a smooth, error-free washing. The diamond-shaped drum is a hall-mark of Samsung washers; it prevents fabrics from sticking out and gets damaged.

The washer also features the same Air turbo drying system. The latest innovative way of the drums decreases the drying times. It rotates rapidly and extracts water from the load, resulting in a rapid drying process. The tempered glass lid, a splendid-looking lid, withstands pressure and weight. The scratch-free glass lid makes you see inside happenings.

A magic filter attached accumulates all fluffs and threads that come out from your laundry. The fluffs are stuck in the drain life and clog up the drainage system. In a nutshell, you will house a fully functioning fully automatic washing machine under the mentioned price range.

Note: In case if you are interested here is the complete list of Best Washing Machines Under 15000

15. Bosch 6 kg – Best Washing Machine Under 1000

Best Washing Machine Under 20000If you do not want to lower the wash experience and are afraid that your clothes do not tangle with the drum, have a Bosch product on your doorstep. Bosch Washing machine is an expert washer to go through your expensive clothes without compromising the quality and performance. You get an impeccable performing washer equipped with a Vario drum and Eco Silencer drive motor.

Its active water function saves lots of water. The machine senses the clothe’s weight and consumes water after gauging it. Bosch Super 15-minute wash function lets you rinse your dirty clothes within 15-minutes to attend to something important on the go. Just switch to the super 15-minute feature and behold the magic.

The washer features a volt checker function. The function checks the voltage fluctuations and interruptions in the water supply. An ideal feature to have in the areas where power is cut off is the norm. The machine’s automatic drum cleaning makes it clean the drum itself. You do not need to manually wash the drum’s internals; switch to this wash function and get the results.

Note: In case if you are interested here is the complete list of Best Washing Machines Under 20000

Best Washing Machine Brands in Saudi Arabia

These days when we go out in the market to purchase an electronics appliance, we see dozens of brands are out there. That’s good; such a wide range of options welcomes you. You can choose among the dozens and go with something impeccable. At the same time, it becomes tricky to opt for one specific brand. In small appliances purchasing, you can play a blog as there is not huge money on the stack.

For purchasing a washing machine, it’s a large home appliance; we cannot afford to make a wrong decision. So, here we are with some top-ranked Washing machine brands not only in Saudi Arabia but across the world.

1. Samsung

Without a single shadow of a doubt, Samsung is one of the leading names in the Washing machines brand in Saudi Arabia. The brand has offered a wide range of washing machines with range and other features. You get to see 6-10KG as well as an 11-15KG washing machine from them. They offer every type of washing machine, including semi-automatic, fully automatic, top-loading, and front-loading.

The brand introduces some mind-blowing new ideas in washers. The use and integration of a Diamond-shaped drum are innovative to go through the washing process for expensive clothes safely.

2. LG

LG’s products need no introduction in the sub-continent. The brand is considered an undisputed king in Saudi Arabia and has a special loyal fan. They are known for manufacturing products as per the ground conditions. Their customer support and customer-oriented features abundance products are among the top-selling products in Saudi Arabia.

The brand has something mind-blowing on its name. The inverter drive technology enables the motor to connect the drum directly, saves lots of energy, and lowers the vibration and noise. This cut-down power consumption, and you get a lot of savings.

LG’s smart diagnosis is something that should have been used properly here in Saudi Arabia. In Saudi markets, it could not get enough recognition. Still, the feature is amazing, and you can have your problem solved without having any expert onboard.

3. Whirlpool

Whirlpool is among one of the best-known washing machine brands in Saudi Arabia. The brand’s hallmark is efficiency, ease of use, and the latest technology. The brand offers washing machines in all categories. Innovations such as Sixth sense deep clean tumble care and soft dispersers are credited to them.

The washing machine manufacturing by them is adorned with cutting-edge technology, and having a washer with their logo means you are ahead of the time.

4. Bosch

Bosch washing may not be among the top-selling brands. But, with them, one thing is sure, you get top-notch quality. The products manufactured by Bosch features durability, a longer life span, and hands at a lower price range. There is a say in the market; only Bosch products come in cheap with quality.

If you are looking for something robust design, sturdy material made, and expect an extended lifespan, opt-with the washers produced by Bosch. If you get a product of Bosch for years long, you will no longer need to purchase the same unit.

5. IFB

IFB may not be a well-ranked brand in Saudi Arabia, but it is gaining lots of attention in the last five years. The brand has been capturing market shares lately because of its premium-looking quality products. IFB is famous due to sober-looking exteriors products; their products share a mesmerizing design. People adore the looks of the products, and quality is good to go average.

If you really need a washing machine that could decor your space, get the IFB products on your doorstep, and you never regret it.

6. Haier

Hair is a known Chinese brand. The brand outperforms German and Japanese products from the Indian market. This is working in India for quite a time, around 2003. The brand is a global electronics product leader and is manufacturing amazing products in the washing machine niche.

The products of the brand are manufacturing in India. They have established a factory in India, Pune, and offering products on a local basis.

This is the brand that introduces the top-loading fully automatic washers in India. Their NZP technology is unique in the washing machine world, and about every other brand is reaping the fruit of their effort.

7. Intex

Intex is a proud Indian brand. It was established in India in 1996. The brand is widely known for its computer and laptop accessories. Now, it decided to put the foot into the home appliance world.

With the Intex washing machine, you get a whole new product customized for the Indian atmosphere. The brand is familiar with the difficulties of Indian people and provides features as per their needs.

A semi-automatic washing machine by Intex is something that you can rely on. They offer about every range in Semi-automatic type, and their price range is also affordable. You will love to have an Indian product on your doorstep.

Washing Machine Buying Guide

There is a total of more than 100 models in the market. The task of selecting a product is difficult. The brands themselves further exploit the situation. They introduce different features with difficult Jargon. They showcase even an old feature with a new name and claim that they were the pioneer of washing machines.

Now, the point of concern for the users remains the same. Do they want to know how much water the machine will consume? What is the number of wash programs for a specified brand? How long does a machine will run and the running cost in terms of electricity?

So, let’s unwrap these common quires and trying to make you familiarize yourself with which features to look for when buying a washing machine.

1. Type of Washing Machine

In the age of Whatsapp and Snapchat, it is imperative to have an advanced model of the Washing machine. Nowadays, various new brands manufacture advanced washers, and they are hitting the nail right on the head.

In my opinion, one should not always go for the latest model. One should cut his dress according to his clothes. There are lots of factors other than money which involves finally deciding which product to go with.

Like, you should see your circumstances. If you are livean area where you have to see a water shortage every second day, purchasing a fully automatic top loading washing machine would be a waste. Similarly, if you cannot handle the hiccup of putting on and taking off clothes from a semi-automatic, you must not go with it.

So, let’s elaborate on the types of washing in more detail. So that you could have an idea about your conditions, and at least pick the type of washing machine you can purchase as per your conditions.

There are two primary types of washing machine

  1. Semi-Automatic Washing Machine
  2. Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

1) Semi-Automatic washing machine

Semi-Automatic is one of the oldest forms of washing machines. This washer features a separate washing tub and drier. There are two separate sections to wash and rinse clothes and to dry the clothes.

To wash the clothes, you have to put the clothes in the washing tub, put a sufficient quantity of water and detergent, and set the timer. After the specified time, the machine will stop, and you off-load the washing tub. The clothes will be wet, and you need to put them in a drying tub. The dryer tub will require some amount of time to get them completely or 90-percent dried. You can dry clothes in the sun and put them on the drying line if you want.

The semi-automatic washing machine needs manual input to get its job done. They are considered hard-on clothes and better washers for hard-stain clothes. You have to manually fill up the tub with water and get the clothes removed manually. So, if you need something to deal with hard-stains in fewer budgets and can take the manual load, you are welcome to buy semi-automatic washing machines.

2) Fully Automatic Washing Machines

Fully Automatic washing machines are counter of Semi-Automatic washers. In this type of washer, there is only one tub that serves as a washer and drier—the machine functions depending upon the weight of the clothes. You cannot stuff as many clothes you want here, the calculated amount of clothes are advised to put in there. The machine will not function if you put more weight than recommended.

Here the machine consumes water as per the clothes type and weight. You just connect the inlet with the water connection and let the machine consume as much water as it requires. You will have to set the timer, washing program and let it do the rest. It will automatically wash and rinse clothes as per the provided timer and washing type and dry automatically. The fully automatic washing machines are soft on clothes. Consume more water, and features lots of advanced features, and comes in an expensive price range.

Comparison Between Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic

Semi-Automatic Fully Automatic
Wash and dry in separate tubs Wash and dry in one tub
Require manual assistance No manual assistance needed
Features fewer wash programs Features a handful of wash programs
Easy to operate Difficult to operate for an illiterate
Cheap Expensive
Manual water pouring No manual pouring
Note: If you want to learn more about other differences between semi-automatic vs fully automatic washing machines check out my detail article on it.

There come two more divisions in fully automatic washers. As I mentioned, it is the advanced shape of washers. Whatever advancement in the washer may come, it will be in the fully automatic washers.

Depending upon loading the clothes, there are two types of washers, top-loading, and front-loading washers. Both have been described here; let’s have a birds-eye view.

  1. Top Loading Washing Machine
  2. Front Loading Mashing Machine

3) Top Loading Washing Machines

This is the washing machine that takes the load from the top. Good for people who do not want to bend when putting a load of laundry into a washer. Or they are old enough to bend down completely to load the cloth in a washing machine.

The machines take up less space compare to the other forms. They are good for people living in a narrow space. The top loaders are less expensive than front-loaders and feature less-washing programs compare to their counterparts.

The top loader can be stopped within a cycle to add more dirty clothes. They do not feature the most advanced tools, such as voltage controllers and built-in heaters. Top Loaders is more widely used around Saudi Arabia. About 70% of the world population prefer a top-loader due to the mentioned reasons.

4) Front Loading Washing Machine

This is the most advanced form the washing machines. This form has witnessed the latest innovation and features many new tools to help boost the washing process and quality. The washers are soft on clothes and feature an abundance of wash programs. The user can quickly switch to any wash function as per the clothes type. The washer takes the load from the front, this cause hazard for many users.

The front-loader features a built-in heater to provide warm water, to rinse your laundry and voltage controllers better. In the areas where the electricity goes too often, having this option saves the life of your washer. This feature maintains the smooth flow of voltages and starts the machine from stopping due to electricity or other issues.

They are considered better washers than the top-loader, and you have to spend some more money to garner such advanced form.

Comparison Between Top Load and Front Load

Top Loaders Front Loaders
Take loads from the top Take load from the front
Consume less power Takes more power
Consume more water Consume less water
Features fewer wash programs Features dozens of wash programs
No built-in heater Built-in heater
No-voltage controller Voltage controller
Less expensive Expensive
Note: If you want to learn more about other differences between Front Load vs Top load washing machines check out my detailed comparison guide on it.

2. Wash Load & Capacity

Washing machines come in different capacity sizes and wash loads. In Saudi Arabia, we see the washers with a 5-10KG load capacity normally.

A 6KG washer would be more than enough to go through the laundry for a single or a couple. For bigger families, the load increase; thus, the load size should be enhanced respectively.

The models mention their load capacity. It is recommended that you always have something in size more than your capacity. A lower load and capacity is better for a washer, and it expands its lifespan.

For a family of 4-5 members, going with 7-8KG washer capacity would be recommended. You can ask the salesman about the size if you are not cleared by reading the manual.

3. Spin Speed (RPM)

The higher the RPM, the quicker it will rotate and extracts water from the clothes. RPM (Rotation per second) is one of the primary features of a washer.

You need to check its RPM before giving a final call. The higher spin cycles will lead to lesser energy consumption as well. The slower spin cycle takes more time to extract water from clothes, thus draws more energy.

For a fully automatic washer of 6-7KG capacity, having a 700-1200 rpm is ideal. You can have an idea regarding spin speed from it.

4. Auto Detergent Dispenser

If you are the one who always worries about the amount of washing powder or detergent to put in a washer for a specified number of clothes, the integration of an Auto Detergent Dispenser can help you out.

The feature comes along in high-end washers. The feature decides the amount of deterrent to being used for several clothes. Too much detergent can spoil the texture of your clothes or can be a reason for discoloration. So, the addition of the feature helps you a lot, and you fill the dispenser with the detergent, it takes from it as per the need.

5. Inverter Technology

Inverter Technology reshaped the entire washing machine world. The feature allows the machine to take as much load as requires. It means the conventional washing machines were designed to run for a fixed load and render optimum efficiency whether you put on one shirt or 12.

Herewith the inverter technology, the machine senses the number of clothes, aka load, and makes the motor run with the optimum speed required to wash that load. In this way, you save electricity and power bills cut down at a marginal level.

6. No of Wash Programs

If you ask me, I am not a big fan of the wash programs. But, the quick wash feature in the washer saves a lot of time.

This is not what I love or hate about the washer. It is about what the users adore. The wash programs in genuine are a great add-on. They allow the user to switch to a specific wash program to wash the desired clothing type.

If you are going to wash jeans, switch the jeans wash program will provide optimum results. In the same manner, the expensive clothes should not be cleansed using a hard-wash program.

Still, if you get three basic wash programs, you might not need more.

7. Drum Type

In the last five years, washing machines have witnessed a great transition from stainless steel drums to bubble wash programs and sanitization.

From the Samsung washing machines, people liked the diamond-shaped smaller holes drums. The drums were quite impeccable as they lower down the tangling to a marginal level. Before the diamond-shaped drums, people always feared the tangling and stretching of their expensive clothes.

So, if you could grab a better drum size, with small created holes, with Drum Sanitization for killing harmful allergens and germs, it would be great.

8. In-Built Heater

I have not seen any household getting the optimal usage of a full-featured washing machine with a heater in Saudi Arabia conditions. The heater is used to provide warm water, which leads to better rinsing and removing stains.

Still, people out here do not use the feature and prefer washing clothes in cold water. If you want to get an optimum result of your fully automatic front loading washing machine, get the full run of this facility.

9. Direct Drive Technology

Direct drive technology introduced by LG replaced the conventional Pulley and belt system out of the washing machines. The belt and pulley create noise and vibration and consume more energy compared to the direct drive.

With the latest technology integration, you get a direct running of the drum with the motor without any external assistance like pulley and belt. This leads to less noise and less power consumption, plus more space for your clothes in the drum to roam around.

Though the technology has not been seen in many top-leading brands aside from LG, Sought-after this integration will make you land only on LG washers.

10. Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy Logic is a feature that lets the machine sense the total load put in a washer. Like, you would not be worrying about the weight of the load you put inside a washer. Just use this feature and act as per the suggestions.

A user should not exceed the weight load limit recommended by the manufacturers. The extra weight load can lead to a shorter lifespan along; you will have to call upon a service provider.

FAQs Section

I can hope that you get this guide and learn what to look into a washer.  Now, we are going to answer some of the hottest quires. Our audience, especially from Saudi Arabia, needs these questions to be answered at a proper forum.

Who invented the washing machine?

If you ask the first patented washing machine, James King invented the form. He used a drum, with some paddles within it, a hand-powered washing machine.

The rotatory concept came from Hamilton-Smith, and in 1908 Alva j. Fisher invented the first electric power washing machine. The washing machine was invented in the Hurley Machine Company of Chicago, and it was named Thor washing machine. It was a drum-type washer with a tub, which runs through an electric motor. The patent was issued with his name, and he is now the official inventor of the washing machine.

Is installing a washing machine in a bathroom safe?

If you want to know the answer in a word, that would be “NO.” Installing a washer in a bathroom can never be a good idea. Your washer will corrode, and the electric motor can be burnt due to excessive water use in the bathroom.

A bathroom is always steamy; they are not a good place to install an electronics gadget. If you have no other place in your home and living in a narrow space, you need to follow some strict rules.

  • The person in the washroom or bathroom should never touch the washing machine.
  • The washing machine should be plugged in outside the bathroom.

The regulatory authorities around you might not allow you to do this. Installing a washing machine (Electrical appliance) is dangerous, and anyone around you can get an electrical shock.

Do washing machines need a voltage stabilizer?

Washing machines are an expensive home appliance. It is designed to run on rated supply voltage; that’s when their maximum efficiency is achieved. Under normal conditions, the motor draws the required current from the supply at the rated voltage and with recommended load.

Suppose, if the voltage decreases, the load or clothes that are being washed are the same, the power required to spin the motor is the same, the current drawn from the low voltage is an increase in spinning the load. As a result, the current in the windings is increased, and the motor may burn out at the point.

So, the answer is yes.  You need to have a voltage stabilizer if you see voltage fluctuations more than 5-10% is normal in your areas. Otherwise, 5-10% of voltage fluctuations can be dealt with by the machine itself efficiently.

Q: What’s the purpose of the spin cycle of washing machines? What does a fast spin achieve that a slow spin doesn’t?

Ans: The Spin cycle serves to remove the moisture residue from the laundry. In simple spin, cycles remove the water and shorten the drying time, whether on a drying line or in a drier.

The higher spin rates lead to faster drying, shorting the drying time. The higher spin cycles are also designed to save energy in the dryer. The higher spin cycle will take lesser time to dry out your laundry in the drier.

The slow spin cycle increases the drying time and draws electricity from the source until the process is completed. While choosing a washer, you always look into the spin cycle feature to cut down your electricity consumption.

Which washing machine consumes more electricity, Semi-automatic or fully automatic?

For this, you need to know the brand and size of the washer. On the label, you could read the information about the consumption of electricity. If you are speaking in a general way, the answer would be Fully Automatic.

The fully automatic washers come equipped with an abundance of cutting-edge features. The more advanced features draw more electricity from the source, thus leads to bigger power bills.

For a semi-automatic, the features are limited. Like, just a washer and a dryer, nothing else. The machine draws less electricity compared to the fully automatic.

How much water consumption in the fully automatic washing machine?

The water consumption per wash of a washing machine varies from model to model. Some models consume less amount of water, and others do more. So, you need to be specific to learn about water consumption.

Suppose you take it in general as the water consumption in semi-automatic, top-loading, or front loading. The semi-automatic water consumption is far more than fully automatic. Usually, a fully automatic front load washer consumes approx—60-80L per wash. The top-loading washing machine consumption is around about 120-140L per wash and Semi-automatic about 160L per wash.

The above-mentioned details are general info; it depends upon the specification of a washing machine mainly.

Why are front load washing machines more expensive than top load ones?

The top-loader washers are the old form and integrate with less range of features and functions. The machines usually function using an agitator or Pulsator system, akin to semi-automatic. The top loaders lack advanced features such as a heater, hard-water system, and voltage stabilizers.

On the other hand, the front loader features Tubmer wash technology to wash and rinse laundry. This is one of the safest ways to wash clothes. The machines are also integrated with cutting-edge features, due to which they cost more than top-loading washing machines.

Why does anyone buy top-loading washing machines when front-loading ones use far less water and electricity?

The top-loaders are a widely accepted type of washing machine. The benefits of top-loaders relate to the Saudi audience; thus, they love to house a top-loader than front-loaders.

The top loaders come with an adjustable height; you do not need to bend to load and unload. The top loaders are easy to operate, adorned with less advanced features. They are less expensive compared to a front loader. The top loaders are easy to fit in any place without figuring out a separate dedicated space for them.

The front-loader machine needs proper maintenance, which here in Saudi Arabia is rare. Even for installation, the users have to wait for ages. So, you cannot resume the laundry and wait for the maintenance guy to come over and get it again in the functioning phase.

The Final Thought

A washing machine is a product that you cannot afford to purchase every month. You got to spend a good amount of money on housing washers.

The need and requirement of a washer vary from family to family and person to person. Maybe you are alright with a semi-automatic washing machine, as it deals with the laundry at your home without any hiccup. And that’s a possibility that you would not be happy with a fully automatic expensive front-loading when you do not know how to operate it.

There are advantages and disadvantages; you need to look at what your requirements are. What suits you the most, and what can make you go through the laundry seamlessly. I hope you like the guide and it will help us spread our guide all over the web. If you have any further queries, please pour out your heart, and let us solve your problems.

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