Whirlpool 10 kg Front Loading Washing Machine Review

Whirlpool 10 kg Front Loading Washing Machine ReviewDo you want a powerful washing machine at your doorstep? If yes, then Whirlpool 10kg Front Loading Washing Machine is an ideal option. The machine ensures the thorough cleansing of your clothes and offers plenty of advanced options. By having this perfect washing machine, you will have smooth washing and drying at the same time. This machine features the impeller washing method to cleanse expensive clothes without stretching and tearing.

You know the agitator washing method can make your clothes stretch and tear sometimes. The impeller washing method is globally known as the safest method for getting the cleaning done. If you really want to go through the smoothest washing, opt for the machine features’ impeller method. The machine houses the maximum RPS a washing machine can have; it runs 1450 RPM while washing the clothes, which also lowers the drying time of the machine. Let’s have a quick insight into the key features.

Key features

  • Semi-automatic works on the lowest water and energy consumption
  • Capacity 10 KG suitable for 3-4 members
  • 1450 RPM Speed
  • 3 Washing system
  • Automatic start after the specified soak time
  • 340W high-efficiency motor
  • Large 66L washtub
  • Waterproof control panel
  • Inbuilt memory cut
  • Integrated scrub station
  • Big wheels for mobility
  • Easy to use panel


You can expect the highest level of smooth performance from this Whirlpool front-runner. The design is quite realistic; you get a hassle-free, comfortable scrub space just to squeeze some parts of the cloths to remove the hardest stains. You get the natural flow of the more scrub towards the washtub, not on the ground.

Herewith the whirlpool washing machine, the control panel is waterproof. While washing and cleaning, you deal with the water, and it really sucks when water reaches out the electric circuit and gets them damaged. The designers did a great job by designing a waterproof control panel mode. The control panel is quite easy to access. With four buttons, you get every function and feature under your hands to control anytime.

Herewith this washing machine, you deal with a larger-sized washtub. The size of the tub is about 66L, washes out the clothes at the highest volume of the water. The clothes now remove freely within it, and you get easy dirt and stain removal.


This is a 340 Watt machine, and you know the performance of this level of energy. You get a thorough and complete cleaning of the expensive and delicate dresses. You got even three different options for cleaning. The delicate dresses should be cleaned with a delicate option, the normal clothes with average, wash out jeans and some hardest material clothes, get this switch on, and swing the wheel.

The machine features the soak technology; professional washers and dryers normally use it to get their hardest cloches washed out. All dirt after soaking and scrubbing will wash away within 25 minutes. Lint collector is a good add-on. The in-built more scrub does its job and gives your clothes a complete and ideal wash every time you use it.


Whirlpool is the most famed name in the housing machine world. You get their products at your doorstep; their name is just a warranty you get a full-proof cleaning.

Inbuilt Memory

During the power cuts, you do not remember the number of spins. The machine does; it remembers where you just left the cleansing and starts from that. You do not need to remember the spins or drain; the in-built memory does a job for you.

Multi-Functional Tray

Yes, here you get a multi-functional try to get your various jobs done. It helps you to sort and dry the clothes as per your preferences. You just put the clothes on the tray and carry what you do not want to dry out with the in-built dryer. The more scrub of the tray gets you to manually scrub some parts of the clothes that you find are not washed out as per marks.

In-built Scrubber For Collars

The in-built scrubber gives you clothes a perfect wash every time. You do not need to manually wash the cloth’s collars; just give the in-built scrubber a chance.

Lint collector

Yes, the lint takes you machines jammed every time. They spread through the internal parts of the machines and pipes. They could make your washing difficult; here, with the lint collector, automatically, lint is added to the portion, and after weeks, you get manually removed.

3 Wash Programs

Whirlpool 10 kg Front Loading Washing Machine comes with three automatic wash programs.

  1. Delicate
  2. Normal
  3. Hard

Power Efficiency

The whirlpool 10 KG machine comes with a 340 Watt powerful high-efficiency motor. This motor maintains the 1450 RPM speed of the spins and gives optimum performance.

Get The Fastest Drying

With the mentioned washing machine, the mentioned powers, you get excellent fast drying of the cloths. You get your clothes dried using natural air pressure.

The Final Thought

In my opinion, Whirlpool has done a fantastic job with this washing machine. This has been equipped with every possible advanced feature that we need while carrying out washing and cleaning. The machine uses the impeller washing method, the globally known safest method for cleaning and washing. Hands down option for those who were looking for the best washing machine in the average price range.

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