Whirlpool 8 kg Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine Review

 Whirlpool Front Load Washing Machine 8 Kg CapacityTechnological evolution has shown new paths in almost all fields except washing machines. I had been witnessing the difficulties of housewives while washing clothes. Although their accessibility to the washing machines was intact, numerous takes still had to be done using hands. Such as, you see, even after getting the clothes cleaned and washed in a washing machine, the housewives had to use their hands to clean out the collar and sleeves areas. As in washing machines, hard or soft materials are dealt with the same way.

Not now, we are seeing some brands coming up with a superb level of advanced technology. Such as Whirlpool has done an awesome job by realizing the difficulties and coming up with suitable solutions. Whirlpool 8 kg Front Loading Washing Machine is something a revolution in the world of washing machines. The machine features every possible recommended feature to help cleaning clothes in comfortable ways. Let’s have a quick insight into the machine and see what this has to offer.

Key Features

  • This offers a capacity of 8 KG
  • Impeller washing type
  • Spin Speed 1450 rpm
  • It offers 3 wash programs
  • Extra smart scrub stations
  • Waterproof control panel
  • Turbo dry technology for better washing
  • Smart handle part
  • Ace wash station
  • In-built memory autostart


Whirlpool 8kg Semi-automatic machine is designed ergonomics. Every feature has just been added quite carefully. The design department has done a fantastic job, and we were expecting this threshold from Whirlpool. The top of the control panel comes with easy various controls. The dryer side also has fantastic air-flow pressure to dry off all clothes completely.

It comes with a hassle-free, comfortable more scrub; the water flow has been directed towards the washtub so that all detergent and water would go there, not on the grounds. You get a larger 66L washtub; get the highest volume to wash the clothes easily freely. The exterior separate tray does a great job. Before putting clothes into the dry section, scrub them, and place them on the multi-utility tray.


We expect optimum performance from the Whirlpool washing machines; this model has no exception. The performance department performs outstandingly. It brings out unexpectedly well performance in washing dirty and hard clothes. The Powerhouse behind it 340W motor, which produces 1400 rpm spin. You know the formula very well; the higher the spins, the faster the cleaning.

The same goes with the dryer section adjacent to the washtub. The dry section is equipped with all necessities needed to dry out the soaked and washed clothes. You need not put your hands into this section while turning on the dry section. You could hurt your hand by doing this; never do this.


The Whirlpool lady has done great in the feature department as well. It bundles with immense features, the most required and advanced functions. You really get a great washing time having this at your doorstep.

Integrated Super Soak Tech

Whirlpool has to be credited for developing great super-soak technology. This helps washing the clothes immensely. You get easy dirt removal by continuous soaking and scrubbing for 25-30 minutes. You can control these features using one of the switches displayed on the control panel. Just set the soaking time for the clothes; after that, it automatically gets started.

In-built Scrub

You get an integrated scrubber to wash the clothes from everywhere—no need to scrub the collar section and get a thorough cleansing manually.

In-built Memory

In Saudi Arabia, we face power cuts so often. Meanwhile, we forget about our processing for cleaning the clothes. The in-built memory remembers where it was stopped the last time and what to do next.

3 Wash programs

In this 6.2kg Capacity semi-automatic machine, you get three different wash programs for customizing washing. You get the delicate option to clean out the delicate dresses, the average for normal and Hard for harder clothes.

Waterproof Shockproof Control Panel

The design of the control panel is entirely waterproof and shockproof. This is built in a way that no water seep-in. The water really out brought distortion of the electric circuits and damaged the entire machines sometimes. You may also get a shock if you touch any of the portions. With this machine, the water would find no way to seep in.

Larger Washtub

You get a larger and wider washtub with this model of Whirlpool. The larger space ensures the free movement of the clothes into the tub, and you get a better version of cleaning.

Multi-utility Tray

The tray can be used in various ways. This makes you comfortable while scrubbing the clothes standing beside the machine. Or you just put the clothes onto it and carry them, or just out them for some water removal before using the dryer section.

The Final Thought

In a nutshell, every department of the washing machines has been pulled together magnificently. If you are really hunting for a good-to-go washing machine, opt for this model of Whirlpool.

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